Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Week in the Life-Tuesday

[Alright, I'm trying to blog my days on the days themselves, but I find it works better if I do it the day after, but I'm going to write as if I'm writing on that day just to keep up appearances, haha.  Also, I noticed that I take about 100 pics a day but only use 30-40 per day, which is good and should be enough for the album, so now that I know I can aim for that.  And it's funny, I'm planning the album as I take my photos, like I already know which ones I'm going to use on the title page, and therefore try to take it horizontally, and which ones I want in the divided page protectors, so I take those vretically.  Such a nerd.]

So here we go, A Week in the Life Tuesday edition!
  • I woke up this morning still quite tired from my run yesterday and with a headache...I hate days that start like this.  Victor had yet another surprise this morning (though not as bad), I hope it's not a daily thing!  (He did sleep in his crib last night, which was nice.  He's been out of it for the past 4-5 days because we painted in his room and I was waiting for the smell to stop being so strong.  He's been sleeping in either our bed or...wait for it...a laundry basket!  Which he kind of liked, btw.)
  • This has turned into one of our all too common 'lazy days'.  The days I want us to get away from.  Waking up late (Dan wasn't up 'til noon!), and feeling behind the rest of day because of it.  I say this all the time, but hopefully once Dan starts working things will get better in that department.
  • Victor loves to grab things, and now he loves to grab thing and put them in his mouth.  Dan said that he sucked on his nose this morning when they were sleeping in our bed, and I also got a few very wet open mouth kisses (which I didn't mind, but I DID mind all the hair pulling!)
  • I'm lucky to get to drink my coffee warm on most days; today it was absolutely cold.
  • Dan has decided to try only drinking milk (with vanilla Quick) this week instead of pop to see if it'll help him lose some weight.  Not sure it will but I support the idea!
  • I've discovered that I have absolutely no patience, and it's a terrible thing.  I was getting so frustrated yesterday while making supper (maybe it's just that I don't like cooking, but I think part of the reason why is because I have no patience for waiting for things to cook, etc).  In the end it was worth it though, because the casserole was yummy!
  • I went to Walmart to get a few things and I realized once again how shy I am about taking out my camera in public.  Is it warranted?  Maybe, but I still have to get over it! 
  • Victor was laughing with me when I got him.  I was 'tickling' him with my hair during his diaper change and he beamed so bright and laughed a few was just so awesome.  He has only kind of laughed a few times here and there, but never any 'real' laughs, but he had some good ones tonight.)  He was naked while I was doing it, I wonder if that had something to do with it? lol
  • I picked up some paint chips at Walmart for the bathroom, I'm still thinking about going with a bright (but saturated) orange, the same orange that's in an Ashley g print that I love.  It's called "Moroccan Sands".  I think it's going to be my next home project after Victor's room.
  • Speaking of Victor's room, I'm about 98% done with it and I'm really happy with how it turned out, even though it's not 100% what I had envisioned, it's still pretty good for my first try at 'designing' a room to completion (and on a very tight budget!)  I only have a few details left that I hope to finish later this week.
A few other things:

Daily to-dos: Laundry, blog, upload pics, hang pictures, sweep floors, go to Walmart, take out trash, make casserole (some carried over from yesterday)

Shows we watched: Disney's Fantasia, Everybody loves Raymond, The Middle, UFC All Access (Chuck Lidell and Rampage Jackson), Big Love Season 2 (just for the record, we don't have cable or TV at all, so we only watch what we download, so we watch the same things pretty much everyday)

The weather was: Mostly cloudy and only 12C!  Also, a few showers in the afternoon...yucky, crummy weather.
What we ate: No breakfast, Hot dogs and Biscuit topped casserole (which was delish!) 
Phiouf!  That was much faster, now that I have the format down, blogging my days shouldn't be so intimidating :)
Until tomorrow,

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Stephie C said...

YAY 2 days done for you! :) Ok how are you getting the shelf shots? Are you having Dan take them or setting up a timer? Your photos are so great! Mine won't be as spectacular but I have come to terms with my little sony cyber shot since I have yet to learn how to use my canon better haha