Friday, June 11, 2010

A Week in the Life-Thursday

[I can't believe it, my 4th day already!  Only 3 more to go, woohoo!  Overall, still enjoying the process, even though it's a lot of work...]

Well hello, A Week in the Life Thursday edition is here!  Let's see what we have today:
  • I woke up this morning not really knowing what the plan for the day was and it sucked.  We're trying to find a kitchen table and it's so annoying trying to find a decent set for cheap that doesn't come from Walmart.  I hate that I can't make decisions like these anymore; it was the same way with the car seat and the crib, they both took forever to choose!  What's the issue I wonder?
  • I wake up late and waste my mornings, and then hate myself for it.  It really ruins my days.
  • Changing diapers has become (for the most part) a really enjoyable experience.  This is when we get the biggest smiles and laughs from Victor.  Because of this, I don't mind extending the task into a 10-15 mins playtime, as long as he enjoys it, I can put off the housework a little longer.
  • For some reason, I really enjoy washing our cloth diapers.  I guess I just enjoy cloth diapering so much that even the washing isn't that bad!  Plus, seeing all the diapers on the clotheslines makes me really happy 'cause it's just so cute.  I guess it's a sign that I really am here, where I wanted to be, as a mom.  It's a vision come true (yes, diapers on the clothesline!)
  • In the afternoon we went downtown for a walk and did some errands.  We went to a 2nd hand used furniture store and finally found a decent kitchen table and chairs, plus another old school leather lazy-boy for the living room, all for 200$!  I love it when things just happen to work out, even though it makes me feel foolish that I worried so much before (see point above).  Life is good to us, I sometimes forget that.
  • Dan went to the music store and played a custom Taylor that was over 3k$.  He really loved it and I loved watching him play it.  If we had money I would definitely let him buy all the instruments he would ever want (as long as I could have my camera equipment! haha)
  • There was no morning surprise today, yay!
  • As much as it hurts to pay off debt sometimes, I am sooo excited that in a couple of week we'll have Dan's small student loan paid off!  It's our first school-related debt paid off, it's going to be a huge relief, one less debt hanging over our shoulders, and I'll be happy that I decided to pay it off aggressively instead of wasting the money on something else.  Next up, Dan's big student loan (from the bank, not the government...he has 4 loans, geesh!)
  • I got my AC modern album and the divided page protectors from the local scrapbook store today, it's making this project seem so real now!!  I'm really excited to start piecing it together, but I'm going to hold off until the end of the documentation process, I want to keep the focus on that until the week is over.  I also bought some more paper...I just can't resist pretty paper!
  • It's a silly thing, but having a kitchen table is really nice!  We haven't had one in 2 years.  It's nice just to be able to sit down and eat a meal that's not in front of the television.  We're also having company over on Sunday so it'll be nice to have somewhere for them to sit, haha
  • I bought a bunch of smoothie stuff at the grocery store tonight (including some wheat germ), so I'm excited to try making some tomorrow.  Also, Dan made some iced coffees with the leftover coffee from this morning and it was delicious, so yummy and addictive!  New summer foods, yay!
  • Dan played the guitar for Victor tonight and he was sooo happy watching him play, he just sat in a chair and watched him, waving his arms and making little 'singing' noises.  I love watching them together like that, it's adorable (and I think Dan likes having an audience too!)
  • Overall, today ended up being a really good day, despite the crummy start.  Lots of little joys, happy smiles, sunshine, productivity and rest.  Hopefully it will continue tomorrow!
And of course (these seem to be repeats most days, but oh well...)

Daily to-dos: Groceries, dishes, write to Jelena, laundry-diapers, blog, schedule hair appointment, make payment on washer and dryer

Shows we watched: UFC All Access (Forrest Griffin), The Ultimate Fighter, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Tudors

The weather was: Better!  Sun and clouds (mostly clouds), but much warmer, probably over 20C.

What we ate: Coffee, Hot dogs, Sidekick (wow, pathetic!!)

Have a happy Friday and weekend everyone!

Until tomorrow,


Stephie C said...

Love this everyday :) Ok how did you capture the shot of all 3 of your feetsies?! LOVE THAT! I am going to start smoothies soon too (and hopefully getting some fruit into my oldest this way!) we are going to get the magic bullet blender for this purpose and also to make some homemade baby food with for when the time comes YAY! Make sure to share your winning smoothie recipes, I will do the same :)

Anonymous said...

I missed, missed, missed too much of your posts... wow girl, you're in full action!!!! Your photo's look amazing, and so do you (and Victor, and Dan) Good luck with this project, you're well on your way and it's going to be amazing, I'm sure!