Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Week in the Life-The Photos

Alright, now that I have been done documenting our lives for a few days now, I decided to come back and show the progress I've been making on the album.  So far I have created the photo collages and ordered them through (even with shipping it was half the price as printing them at Walmart), bought the carstock and patterned paper for the pages and journaling blocks, printed all the mini prints for the page protectors and the 5X7 'opener' shots, and also bought a few more page protectors for my journaling (I thought I would have room to include the journaling on the collage page, but I have no room at all, so I'm going to make some 6X11 page protectors and do some "long journaling" cards with my random thoughts, like Ali did in her project.  It will go after the divided page protector page.  So each day will go like this: Opener page + divided page protector page w/ minis/journaling cards + divided page protector page (backside) w/ minis + long journaling card page + long journaling card page (backside-not sure if I'll include anything or not) + collage page.  That might only make sense to Stephie C, but oh well! haha

First though, here are the opener and collage pages for each day (I didn't include the minis, basically if you don't see the shots here and they were in my weekly collage, they are going to be mini prints).

As I said, the opener shot will stand alone on the intro page as a 5X7, and the collages will go on the last page for each day, as an 8X10.

(The shot of our feet at the top of this post is going to be the intro shot to the entire album, it's also 5X7.)

It looks really cool and I'm happy with how it's all coming together so far!  I won't bore anyone with the details of my plan, but I will say this:

-This project is expensive!  I'm sure I could have done it for cheaper, but basically it's costing me close to 80$ when it's all said and done.

-I'm probably going to do 3 more Weeks in the Life, one for every season.  When exactly I'm not sure, but that's the long term plan for now, and I'm hoping that they'll all fit inside one album (It's not very thick right now so I don't think it will be a problem.)  I think it will be neat to see how our lives change during different seasons (the winter one would be insanely boring I think!), and also to see Victor at different ages (along with any other changes to the family...)

Once I get the album done, I'll be sure to share!  (Probably not for a couple of weeks though, I'm slow at things like this...)

In the meantime, back to regularly scheduled blogging!  First up, a tour of Victor's nursery, which is finally done :)

Ok, I'm off to clean up, be back soon!

Until then,


Stephie C said...

Ok maybe it is too early but I am still confused so will have to draw myself little pictures to try and visualize your layout for this project haha....I am still SUPER confused how I want to do mine now as I really didn't journal all that much (something to improve upon for next time). I do love the idea of doing it for each season! I don't think I could commit to that though maybe once a year during different seasons though ;) Cannot wait to see this come together! I agree on the price factor but yeah there is always ways to do it cheaper!

Stephie C said...

Ok I drew myself a picture...what is going on the backside of your opener page? (that is why I decided to do pic of the day so I have opener pic on one side then pic of the day on the other) and then what is going on backside of your collage page? (thinking that is why I will end up with 2 collages for each day....). Granted the collage page could then have the opener for the next day on the other side but that wouldn't work for the first day...unless of course that is where your album opener pic is going huh?! Ahhhhhhhh lightbulb moment LMAO! I think I have it sorted now....that was hard work heh heh

Anonymous said...

The "visiualize" post really helped and when I went through this post, I could actually "see it" all... it's going to be and AWESOME and GORGEOUS minibook!!! I smiled especially at one photo... you hang your laundry the same way as I do... colour to colour! (I find myself re-hanging it when a coloured item pops up from underneath the rest... to keep the order... aren't I sillY? Hmmm)