Thursday, May 14, 2009

The last 6 days in pictures...

*Trip home to Sussex last weekend, which meant walks in the graveyard with the dogs (I know it sounds creepy, but it's one of the prettiest places ever, really, I love it up there.) Working on my blanket and scrap projects (no pics), driving out to the country to look at a house, seeing Star Trek (rockin') with the parents.

**Finishing the base of my 365 mini, finally. Working on dating, labeling, adding titles and journaling next.

***Finally enjoying some real sunshine and nice weather. Barbecue out on the deck with Dan. Deciding to walk to the store to get stuff to make smore and eating them as the sun went down.

****Taking pictures of myself and Shimi in the yard (she looks like a little lioness in the grass, sitting so proud.)

That about sums up life this week. Here's hoping for a nice weekend!

Happy Thursday!

(Oh, and watching I'm LOST TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

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Anonymous said...

Lovely week, lovely pics Genevieve! I adore the 365 mini... just by seeing the edges! It's inspiring!