Friday, May 15, 2009


...that I actually scrapbook from time to time. I haven't been nearly as productive lately, not sure why, I was working on my 365 mini for so long that all my other projects fell by the wayside. Got this one done tonight though, it's for the One Little Word Challenge, which was the word "Two". I love these pictures of Heather and I, they were the last ones we took together before she moved out West in Feb...yes I miss her.

This layout is based on Sketch 133 from Pencil Lines, though I altered it a bit. Sometimes I just need that extra little boost to get me going, you know? I used one of the Shabby Chic journaling tags I won from The Creative Type Challenge, they are so cool, and just the right size for me! I also used another one of those home made grid transparencies that I love so much, and a bunch of other stuff too :)

I'm thiiiiis close to finishing another one of my 52Qs, I've been really slacking in those lately, I gotta catch up! And the Effer Dare this time looks super fun, your "signature piece/jewelery". If any of you have noticed from my pics, I wear my 7 silver rings all.the.time. They never come off, so this will be quite easy/fun for me to do. Hopefully I'll be posting those later this weekend :)

Well I better get cleaning, we are having some (unexpected) visitors coming for the weekend, and the place is a mess! Should be fun though, I heard talk of a brewery tour...

Happy long weekend everyone! (or at least the Canadians...)


Lindsay said...

Love the new layout! Good luck with the cleaning! :)

Hope your weekend goes well! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pic with the feet... great! Hope the cleaning went well and the visit was nice!