Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh me oh my it's May!!

Seriously, where did April go? Seems like we were just talking about Spring getting here, and now soon we'll be talking about Summer getting here! Insane. Also insane? My severe lack of time realization. Sometimes the days can just drag on uncontrollably, but then, equally so, they can fly by and I wonder why the heck I didn't get anything done. This week has been busy for us for some reason, so I haven't had any time to do the normal things, like clean, laundry, sweep, bake, blog or craft (the fun stuff in life...well, maybe except for cleaning the bathroom.) I'm glad to say though that we were busy with some other fun stuff...after months of searching, I finally, finally, got my new sideboard on Monday night, and I LOVE it. Behold:

Sorry for the nighttime flash pics, I was too excited to wait 'til morning!

It's from the 1950s, has 3 sliding doors and 3 compartments, 2 of the compartments have shelves and one has a divided drawer, it's cherry wood, and except for a few scratches and water rings on the top, it's in great condition! (The middle legs aren't original, they were put on after, but because we are putting our TV on it we didn't think it would be a good idea to remove them, it's not ideal but it doesn't look too bad.) It was a leftover from an estate sale, so they were selling it for really cheap, I got it for 30$ (plus 30$ to delivery it home) One of the best deals of my young thrifting life for sure! Once I cleaned it up, we set it up in the living room and it was ready for a new TV! So on Tuesday, after a bit of research, we went out and got a new Sharp 37" HD flatscreen TV. It's great, much bigger than our other TV, yet it's lighter and more stylish, which was the main thing for me :) So on Wednesday night we set it all up together, and after making poor Dan move the living room around 3 times, we got it somewhat set up:

Yeah, totally not impressive. Buuuut, at least I know which wall I wanted it to go on and how I wanted the TV set on the sideboard (off to one side as opposed to centered.) All our DVDS and board games and Dan's Nintendo stuff is stored in the compartments, and our other entertinament centre and TV are ready to be sold. We still have to get a better power bar so that we can hide all the cables behind the unit, find a way to make the awful bunny ears less obvious, and decide what will go on it (I just took these photos from my wall collage on the other side of the room. I want there to be minimal stuff on it, a few prints and maybe something else, but mostly just a clean surface.) The bones are finally done in the living room, now it's just time to pretty it up :) I'm not sure what I want to do above the TV, I originally was thinking of doing another wall collage with various prints and frames, salon-style, to try and blend the TV into the wall so that it looks like just another print, but then the idea hit of making a fabric banner to put above it, but I'm not sure which I will go with yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have an area of wall about 4 feet tall (from the top of the TV to the ceiling) by 7 feet wide to fill. Any suggestions would be grrreat!

Also, as a "bonus" piece, the sideboard came with a top shelf unit which originally had an ugly backboard and tiled mirrors (she used it to house her china and things), but it wasn't attached to the sideboard, so I brought it home, removed the backing, and now it's sitting in my dining room (which is sans dining set at the moment.) At first I thought I wouldn't want to keep it, but now looking at it it's kind of a cute shelf:

Since I took this picture I moved it over to the far left and added a little vintage chair next to it, along with some baskets and books and things. I think that maybe once I start a collection of plates or cups or whatever, I might put them here. So yes, 2 pieces of furniture in one! Score!

So that's been the excitement around here. Last weekend was almost everything I expected, we were outside for about 75% of the time, which was nice, and although I didn't get my Slushie, I got 2 iced coffees and a trip to the ChickenBurger, so I was happy. Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Love or death stare? I can't tell.

Urban gardener.

One of the things that has been bugging me the most about this week is that I haven't been able to scrap at all. I printed the rest of my 365s (120 shots!), so I have them ready to go, and I've had a layout sitting on my desk for about 2 weeks now, just waiting to be glued down. It was originally for TAIF, but I missed it, so there you go. This layout is from last week, it is another one that was sitting on my desk for months (literally), so I was glad to finally get it done.

Yeah. It's decent. Just glad it's not a zombie layout, wandering around aimlessly without a heart or soul (in this case, a title and journaling.)

Ok well I guess that's enough rambling. I'm looking at lots of decor sites, trying to find inexpensive ways to make my house a bit cuter. Things with fabric and prints and crafts. Things that are DYI and easy and weekend-ready and inexpensive. Things like sink skirts (for some odd odd reason I've really been wanting to add a sink skirt to my kitchen...weird, huh?)Any favourite ideas for cute decorating on the cheap?

Hope to be back this weekend with some eye candy inspo! (It's supposed to rain this weekend so I won't be as absent as last weekend.)

(Oh, I also got some news about my whole TTC thing, but you can read about that over here.)


Aimee said...

i love it! and the yellowish wall! We have a yellow wall in our house too, almost the same color!

Anonymous said...

It's sooo nice! I love the furniture (both!) We have a sideboard too (tv IN it!) and I also don't put too much stuff on it. Yours is great!!!