Friday, May 29, 2009

Ok, I do suck.

I don't know why I can't get my lazy butt to blog more, I think that next week I am going to force myself to blog Because I really do enjoy it, but like everything else I tend to like doing, I hate STARTING it. Once I get going I'm ok but it's just that initial step that's hard.

So in order to make it a bit easier on myself today, I shall turn to my trusty friend, the Lists.

What I've been up to:

Taking pictures of Shimi/myself ~ It was soo hot out last Friday and Saturday, so we spent alot of time outside, and since there's not much else to photograph in my neighbourhood, I followed Shimi around and we had a little photoshoot together. She was in the fields (above) and amost-stuck in the trees (below). Quite the adventure for a little kitten.

Watching the 2nd Season of Breaking Bad with hubs

Going to bed between 10:00-10:30 most nights (quite early for me!)

What's been inspiring me lately:

Sewing~Man, do I want to sew! I've been seeing so many cute ideas lately, I really can't wait until I get my hands on a machine (next weekend) and get started on some projects. I have the fabrics picked out for my 2nd blanket (they are the same line as the one I'm currently finishing up, except in boy colours, which is what I want.)

(I'll be getting rid of the girlier ones, I'm only getting 8 instead of 12)

I also have my eye on these adorable fabrics for an upcoming baby blanket gift (the receiver doesn't read this blog as far as I know so I can show the fabrics here.) I'm thinking it's gender neutral enough, and once I know the sex I'll back it with a gender distinct colour, and if I don't know, I'll back it with cream.

And I really want to make a fabric banner for some reason, I think it's an easy way to brighten up a space, and I can use scraps of materials I have lying around:

(found this here)

And even though this is probably too advanced for me, I'd love to have a reason to make one of these adorable shirt dresses, re-purposed from a men's button down shirt. I found the project through Emily's blog, and I love the idea of re-purposing clothes to make new clothes, especially for kids. One day if I become a super-mama, I will definitely attempt to make some baby/toddler clothes.

"Creative mother" blogs~ I'm really enjoying blogs about creative moms/families who make life as fun and artisitic for their children as possible. Everything they do in their homes is wonderful, simple, crafty, organic and lovely. Real life Martha Stewart. Rachel, who is one of these mamas, recently posted about Ashley Ann's blog and I must say I'm hooked on the gorgeous images and wonderful family. Other "family" blogs are also interesting me lately, including Soule Mama, Simple Moms , and others that I discover along the way. It just reinforces the fact that this is the life I want to live, I can see it in my head more clearly everyday, and I just can't wait for it to get here.

What I've been working on scrap wise:

This "secret" project~I can only show a little sneak of it now, but I hope to post the entire thing soon:

Not much else!~ This week was really tough for me, I just couldn't get anything started. I'm hoping that this weekend will get my mojo going again.

What's on my To-Do List this weekeend/week:

Laundry~ Hopefully on the line...

Play with Photoshop~ I finally got it on my computer and I fiddled around with it a little bit last night, but I still have LOTS to learn. I'm excited though about learning and giving that extra little pop to my photos. I'll probably be posting some experimentations next week, so stay tuned. Also, does anyone know of any good tutorials for the basics, and tips on improving portraits in particular?

Go to the Market~'Cause our bean burritos were just not the same without Foxhill cheese.

Work on my 52Qs~At the very least work on the one that asks for my to-do list for the week!

Blog every day~ I'm thinking I may need to plan this out in order to accomplish it....

Get my passport pictures and application passed in~A little over 2 months until Italy!

Look on Kijiji for a dining room table~Now that we have gotten rid of the old TV and entertainment centre, our living room/dining room is looking EMPTY, so I'm going to see if I can find an inexpensive table. The decorating bug has stuck me again, so I'm thinking some thrifting/decor projects may be in order soon.

Bring my lunch to work every day~ This is the first week in forever (or maybe just ever) that I didn't buy my lunch once all week. I'm very impressed and it wasn't that hard, all it took was a little planning (mainly just making meals in the evening that had enough leftover for lunch the next day.) Buying out is one of the unecessary expenses that I want to cut out of my life, so I think that I've got a good start.


Editing Class~ It's looking very likely that I'll be taking an Editing class at Mount Saint Vincent University in the Fall, and I'm quite excited. Work is probably going to cover the costs, and even though I'm not a fan of school this is big step towards the direction I want to take in my potential career. I'm also hoping to take some other courses in the Fall as well (under my own dime), so it should be a busy and exciting season!

Eggies are a movin'~Not to give TMI, but my first round of Clomid went very well, it did exactly what it was supposed to, so I'm hopeful that things will start moving along soon.

Friends~ I miss all of them. Anna, Heather, Sara, my sister, I'm really missing spending time with these wonderful ladies. Generally I prefer to be alone or just with Dan, but lately I've been missing my friends. I'm hopefully going to see Sara next week, and I'll see my sister next weekend, so at least I'll get some time in with a few of them. The other two I will just have to "virtually" hangout with more. Sara and Daf be warned though: I will be (photo)shooting you!

Well that's all for this Friday edition of blogging, stay tuned starting Sunday, I will be back in full force, mark my words!

Bonne fin de semaine.


Anonymous said...

Boy, that was quit some list!!! And now it's Sunday.... go ahead girl!

Ayah said...

g - who makes those gender neutral baby fabric prints? i love them, perfect for a gift for my sister's upcoming baby!