Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to share real quick a Happy Birthday to my dear friend Anna! Hope you have a wonderful day sweetums, can't wait to see you in 3 weeks! Kiss kiss. (And let me know if you enjoy your package!)

Aside: This picture was taken in May 2008 and it has got to be one of my favourite pictures of me and her-well, me and anyone, really-ever. We were sitting on the sidewalk somewhere in Toronto, eating street meat and taking foolish pictures of our new sunglasses we had gotten at Kensington Market that morning. It's awesome beyond all measure :)

Bits and pieces:

-I started a scrapbook page last night! And I didn't quit after 20 minutes of frustration! I'm actually doing kind of a hybrid (or at least I think it's a hybrid), and it's quite cool, something new for me.

-I'm taking Jessica Sprague's free online class and it's pretty cool! Definitely more for digital scrapbooking, but like I said, if I get into some hybrid layouts it will definitely come in handy. (I'm using some of the brushes that came with the class on my layout.) And there are some cool effects that we are learning too. All in all very fun :)

-Hubs and I decided to take Friday afternoon off to head home early, because it's going to be sunny and, well, around here lately you have to take advantage of that sun when you can! I can't wait to go home, it hasn't been that long but if I'm not there every 6 weeks or so I start to get antsy. The weekend plans include taking lots of photos, sewing and cutting fabric, playing with Judah and visiting Sara, and all kinds of dog walking. Sigh.

-In one month from today I will be landing in Milan!! In one month and one week I will be in Croatia!! I can't believe it, seems like I've been waiting forever! (well, since March)

-I don't know why I'm using so many exclamation points in this post!!!

-Speaking of my trip, I'm greatly inspired by this travel mini that Elise made for her trip to NYC. I've decided that I'm definitely going to make one to bring to Italy, because I know for sure that if I don't jot down my memories as I have them, they will be gone by the time I get home. I'll keep it fairly plain with lots of room for pictures and room to journal, seems like a perfect thing to do while sitting in a café or before going to bed. I'm excited!

-Like I said, this weekend I plan on taking LOTS of pictures. Daf is on board to be my model, and she said that she wants me to take some pictures of her and her friend, which I'm super excited about. If I can get any shots that remotely resemble the awesomeness of this shoot by Tara Whitney, I'll know that I did well :) I also have to take tons of catch-up pictures of little Judah, I haven't taken pictures of him since Christmas maybe (?!)

Ok I guess that's enough rambling for now. Hopefully I'll be back after this weekend with lots to share and maybe a bit of a tan!


Anonymous said...

I love those sunglasses!!! I can see why it is your fave photo, it's such a great one!

danilouwho said...

heh! I love all the exclamation points!