Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm giving in... my laziness lately. And I'm officially deciding today that it's ok. Because stressing myself out about it is useless, and besides, it's summer, isn't the livin' supposed to be easy?

So I'm cutting down my list of to-dos and goals, keeping it simple, and I'm just going to enjoy this lazy, hazy spell. I won't worry if I'm not scrapping pages every week, or taking photos every day, or blogging every 3 days, or filling my head with projects, because I know once the Fall hits in a few months I will be filled with inspiration and wonder and excitement (that's what Fall does to me, guaranteed, every time, that's what I love so much about it.) I will do what I have to do, and leave out all the rest. Who's gonna notice anyway?

(Well, maybe the few people who read this blog, but you'll all just have to be patient, ok?) :)

Anyway, this week I've been editing some photos that I took last weekend at home, I did 2 mini shoots, one with Daf and one with Sara, Dave, and Judah. I'm really getting the hang of Photoshop now, and I'm loving The Pioneer Woman's Actions, they make things go along much smoother (I mostly use her 'Define and Sharpen' Action, then play around with the others...oh, and I'm addicting to Edge burning, I need an intervention.)

Here are a few shots from Daf's shoot, which was taken at high noon so the light isn't as nice as I had wanted it to be, but she was a great sport and pretty model...

And Quincy, who was with us, of course:

I'm still working on Judah & Co.'s shoot, there are a lot of cute shots, but here's one for now (Sara's mother has a gorgeous barley field behind her house-pictured above-I wish I had taken more shots in the field, but we didn't want to crush the poor crop so we just hung out on the edge):

I'll try to finish up the rest this weekend and post later. I also want to learn how to make storyboard/mosaic type layouts with the shots, does anyone know how to do those? What program do you use?


Other random shots from the past couple of weeks (Shimi being adorable as usual, and some moody black and whites I took on Canada Day because it was gray and gloomy and so was I)

Love that shot of me and Dan, totally accidental, totally scrappable.

This weekend I'm planning on going to the Market, finishing up my Dares page (about Twitter of course), and editing a few photos. Oh, and going to a little get together on Sunday with some coworkers...lots of eating involved there :)

So until next time, keep the livin' easy.


Anonymous said...

I'm here, I "follow" your blog, but there's no pressure... do whatever you like!!! Just wanna say I love your pics, and the last one is the most cutest I've seen in a long time!!! Precious!

danilouwho said...

give in the lazy. that's what I've been doing lately. except that my work involves being chained to my desk and editing non stop so I am now SUPER behind. oh well! I will get there!

Gorgeous photo dear!

Aimee said...

mmm, that last shot is rockin. its okay not to do so much... i have to tell myself the same thing all the time. glad you had a lazy and enjoyable weekend!