Thursday, July 2, 2009

I can't be anything else but random...

...lately. My life is pretty steady and pretty much the same all the time, with random events thrown in here and there, which is usually what I decide to blog about. (That didn't make much sense, but oh well, on with the show.)

PS-I also like to start my blog posts with pictures of weeds. They are good photography subjects, they don't move a lot and don't protest me being "all up in their grill" (quote from Rachel's latest post, I laughed).

So, yes, the randomness that is this post:

-I mentioned a little while ago that I re-painted my kitchen , reverting it from the ugly lime green back to the (nearly) identical beige as when I moved in. It turned out pretty well, I still have some touches to add (curtains, maybe some more prints, etc) but for the most part it'd done and I'm happy with it. Here are some (unedited and uncleaned) shots of the kitchen now, including my super-awesome-o chalkboard, which we use to keep track of our meals for the week. Loves it!

-I've gotten a little scrapiness done lately, though not much. I feel like I have nothing to say, which is weird, so I'm in need of some major inspiration, or I just need to think about it more. I don't really want to just scrap pictures without adding at least a few meaningful words to it, so until I get those thoughts in order the scrappies will be sparse. Perhaps I should take up a non-writing-included craft for a bit, like sewing. Yes, I think that's a splendid idea. In the meantime, here is a page I did that I'm quite happy with, I finally experimented with spraying paint, it turned out pretty well, I'll definitely do it again (on an old work surface though, there was paint all over my floors!) Also, my latest 52Q, question 23: How can I be kinder to myself? (I'm really trying to use scraps to make these cards, so they aren't always my 'style', but I enjoy them anyway.)

-My nails are painted black finally. They go well with my new thrifted shades :) (This photo is to show that it was sunny, one day, last week, for a few hours...I don't think I've seen the sun since!)

-Yesterday we didn't do much for Canada Day. It was cloudy and crummy as usual, so we went to see Transformers 2...umm, yeah, it was pretty bad. The CGI scenes were pretty decent (the fight in the woods was my favourite), but anything and everything that included the humans was mostly just painful to watch. It was what it was I guess, I'm glad I only paid 8$ to go see it though.

-I've been messing around in Photoshop, learning the basics, and I think I have most of it somewhat figured out (the parts I need to know, I mean). I've been following some online tutorials on special effects and things, which has been fun, and I've also been on the hunt for some good actions (not crazy weird ones, just ones that actually improve your photos). The Pioneer Woman has 2 great sets of Actions that I've been testing out, if anyone knows of any others, any help would be great! I'm also excited to take Jessica Sprague's free online class starting next week, I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot!

My new favourite shot of Dan (so handsome he is!), with one of those crazy effects added to it:

One thing I want to attempt in Photoshop this weekend (or tonight perhaps) is to create a new blog banner. I like to switch them up every couple of months or so, and it's about time for a change. I'm thinking graphic and simple, maybe with a photo but maybe not. We shall see.

-I've also been researching and dreaming about my next lens. I'm looking for another good portrait lens, and I have a few ideas, mainly the Canon 85mm f/1.8 or the Canon 100mm/f/2.0, but I'm debating whether or not to get another prime lens, or a zoom lens. I already have my 50mm prime, which I like, so I'm leaning towards another good portrait lens, but that zooms, but maybe all I need is another fixed one with a longer focal length...photogs out there, any suggestions?

-I'm debating whether or not we should go home this weekend. On the plus side, I could work on my curtain valance and start my baby blanket for Sara, as well as visit Sara and hang out with my sister and look at houses, but on the downside if it rains I don't want to be stuck inside, I would rather wait for another weekend when it's supposed to be sunny (right now it's calling for rain Friday and Sunday and a 30% chance on Saturday....not so great.) I wanted to do a photoshoot with my sister outside, to make up for the one we didn't do last time because her poor Kitty got hit by a car, but if it rains then that won't be possible...grrr, this weather is so annoying!!

-This week I'm working on some more Editing exercises and Photoshop stuff, and just trying overall to keep my focus on the work that I want to do in order to accomplish my goals. I stagger and sway sometimes, procrastinate and diverge, but as long as I continue to work on my focus, I think things will work out just fine.

(picture from Ali's blog)

Happy Thursday!


Stephanie said...

Oh, I love your new blog layout! Looks fantastic!

You've been doing a lot lately - home renos, layouts, and preparing for your holiday. Random summer journals are great!

Speaking of random, my blog is private, but would love if you could stop by for a look. I'm also very much into photography, scrapbooking, roadtrips and stuff. A fellow Canadian as well :)

I'll send ya an ivite.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Love your new bloglook, love the randomness of the pics and the things you tell, have fun with photoshop! (I'm sure, playing with photo's and effects will give you words to journal with it again!)

Aimee said...

Great photos. Your kitchen looks good, I really need to repaint mine. I'm tempted to just go white... then I can add color touches in other places.

Glad you had a good weekend.

Tina said...

really like the idea of the chalkboard in the kitchen.
as far as lenses go..I'm shopping for one myself but the one I want is over a thousand. yeah, I don't have that kind of money. I'm really wanting a certain film camera so may just put the lens thing aside and save up for that. I already have 2 lens that I love, the 50mm 1.4 and 100 2.8. it's perfect for the kind of photos I love to take.

danilouwho said...

I love your scraps and love your kitchen. I need a chalkboard in my kitchen now I think - so perfect.