Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Birthday Canada!

I'm very proud to be a Canadian (though, in typical Canadian fashion, I don't often show it). I'm proud to live in a country where I have lots of space and clean air and water, where we have peace and safety, where we accept others and welcome them into our society without asking them to change their culture or customs, where I don't have to worry about money if I get sick or want to have a baby, where we speak 2 languages and work hard to keep them equal, where we do our best to help others who are in need around the world, where we watch and obsess over a game in which a bunch of guys slide a puck around on some ice, where we have such diverse Seasons, and where I would never, ever want to leave (though I did in the past).

I love that our humour is dry and self-deprecating, that we don't take ourselves too seriously, that we remain humble and out of the limelight most of the time, that we are welcomed almost anywhere in the world with open arms, that we talk (and complain) about the weather constantly (trust me, if you had to live through some of the winters we've gone through, you'd be talking too!), that we spell 'colour, favour, and honour' with a 'u' and 'centre and litre' with an 're', that we have such amazing talent, that we like to drink beer and bbq and hang out outside as much as possible, that most of us are fairly liberal and a lot of us don't consider things like marijuana a big deal, and that, most of all, I love that we are who we are and we don't have to be afraid to show it.

(Ok, boasting over, sorry to sound braggy, once a year I think is acceptable.) :)

On this Canada Day I will be making chili in the slow cooker, hoping it doesn't rain (though it totally will), working on some editing and photoshop exercises, and generally taking it easy.

To all the Canadians out there, have a happy Canada Day! Get out and enjoy it if it's sunny! And to our American friends down south, enjoy your Independence Day on Saturday!!

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danilouwho said...

Once a year is more than acceptable! yay Canada!! - I love what you said, so cool.