Monday, July 27, 2009

I love crafts.

Any and all crafts. It doesn't have to be fancy, or particularly artistic, as long as it's cute, easy, and innovative, I love it. I always used to do crafts when I was growing as an adult I find that most of my crafting (besides scrapping) happens during the holidays; there's something about a special time of year (especially Fall/Halloween and Christmas) that makes me want to pretty up my house, make cute things for friends and add to the joy of the becomes an important part of the Season. However, I also love the everyday kind of crafts, and I thought I'd share a few that I've come across lately (most are from the Craftzine blog, I love that site!):

One day I will have a puppy, and one day I will learn to crochet. And when I do, I'll be making these cute puppy paw protectors.

Easy sewing projects are high on my list of 'want to dos' lately, and this cute craft car caddy seems like a great little project for a beginner (and such a cute idea, I might make one for the car and include travel essentials like snacks and magazines)

This is another adorable sewing project from House on a Hill Road. These would be so cute on a peacoat or on a little girl's dress/shirt (man I hope Sara has a girl!)

I love felt because it's so approachable and versatile, you can make anything out of it! This little bedside caddy is similar to the one above but because it's felt, it feels more homespun and cute, especially for kids (or heck, even adults!)

Speaking of babies and kids, ever since I found out Sara was having her 2nd baby I've been going nuts with baby fever. These reversible bibs are too adorable and would be perfect to make with the scraps I will have leftover from her blanket (which I'm going to start working on soon!)

Lately I've had a thing for mobiles and fabric banners, and this ultra-simple rainbow mobile doesn't get much easier, but also doesn't get much cuter. So perfect for a summer porch!

And these aren't really crafts but I've been loving fairly lights and white lights (for all year) lately, and these images make me want to dig out my old Christmas lights and make them pretty in my home! (Images from Decorology)

I am sooo trying this with my sideboard, I love the look!

Seashell lights from Martha Stewart

Well I guess that's all. I love how the Internet holds so much inspiration, you can never run out of fun, crafty ideas! I've mentioned this before, but I can't wait until the Fall, my inspiration and motivation level goes up by about 150% in the Fall, (I feel like it's time to nest and get ready for winter I guess?) and I'll definitely be posting my Fav Fall projects come September, just you wait! :) Let's just say Martha Stewart is my best friend from September to December...

Do you have any favourite craft blogs/crafts that you're into lately? Please share!

PS-Only 12 days until Italy! I can't believe it, I have to start packing and thinking about arrangements, oh my! So please excuse the lack of proper blogging lately, I'm too distracted and excited!

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