Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas with the Flynns

Another Christmas has come and gone, and it was just as lovely as ever.  We spent it with family, watched the babies play, ate lots of yummy food (too much in fact), relaxed and did all the wonderful things you are supposed to do at Christmastime. 

On Christmas Eve we went to Dan's dad's place for our yearly seafood casserole and opened presents.  Victor did pretty well with the whole situation (meaning he didn't cry or freak out, haha)  He's obviously still too young to understand or open the gifts himself, but he was more than happy to play with what he was given.  We then headed back to McAdam for the night, and had Christmas morning there.  Seeing my little nephews (who are old enough to understand) go crazy on Christmas morning was really fun.  Victor was actually asleep for both of the gift opening sessions that morning, but I enjoyed opening the gifts for him!  We then had a big breakfast and hung out for a bit before heading back to Sussex to have turkey supper and more gift opening at my parents' place.  We spent Boxing Day at home, recovering, and surrounded by boxes and new toys (I'll probably do a separate mini post on what Victor got, since I'll want to remember for his baby book or something...)

Anyway, here are some photos from the day (I'm trying to use storyboards to cut down on the post size, click on the image to see them larger.)

Babies' first Christmas together, so fun.  Also, Skyping with our California family is always a special part (even though we need better webcams for the future!)


 Victor loved watching Dan play with Hayden's trains, I know what Victor will be getting next year for Christmas (or his birthday in a couple of months, eek!)

I feel like I have so much blogging to do this week, I have some personal posts I want to share (which will be nice for a change!), so hopefully I'll be back soon.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoy the New Year (we have no plans, of course.)

Until then,

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