Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taking a break.

(Photos from Anna's i-Phone)

Yesterday afternoon I went to Fredericton to visit my friend Anna, and to get some Christmas shopping done.  Dan was working all day, so I contemplated bringing Victor with me, but decided that trying to shop in the crazy malls with him in my arms or in a bulky cart did not sound like a good time, so I left him with my mom (merci Mama!) and went solo.  And let tell you, it was SO nice to get away and take a little break.  Now I know that I'm really lucky compared to some because I have a lot of support around me and can leave Victor with my mom, my sister or Sara for a few hours whenever I need to, but having this much time to do what I WANTED, to do something FUN (as opposed to running around trying to get my cleaning and to-do list caught up), was such a breath of fresh air.  We went to a few stores, I bought some cool teal/green nail polish, we got Starbucks (caramel brule, yumm!), did some shopping, browsed the pretty gift section of Chapters, took our time, chatted and laughed, then went to the best local pub and had nachos (and drinks!), it was just lovely.

I think it's good as moms to be honest about wanting to get away from your kids from time to time.  It's a job that never ends, and without the occasional break it can really wear you down, which affects how good of a mom you can be (at least it does for me, I came home refreshed and happy to see Victor, as opposed to rushing to get him to bed...)  Even if it's just for a few hours to do something on your own (maybe even just the dishes), we all need it and there's nothing wrong with admiting it.

So thanks Anna for the pre-baby nostalgia and the no-baby activities/fun!

In other news, my granmother is coming today for the week (she's going to help my mom watch Victor while we're in Montreal next weekend), I'm excited to see her and see what she thinks of my now super-wiggly and vocal Victor. She, my mom, my sister and I are going to see a Christmas concert tonight; I've heard really good things about it so I'm sure it will get me into the Christmas mood (I need a little kick start I think, but this week I plan on getting a lot of Christmas related stuff done, so it's perfect timing!) I think that if the weather (and Victor) cooperates, I'm also going to get his Christmas pictures done, gotta send those out soon!

Happy week to you,

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Stephie C said...

So jealous! Although I can leave Lainey with Daddy funds have been TIGHT which leaves getting out and doing much that much harder! I do have plans to go to lunch with a friend this coming weekend with no kiddos in tow which will be WONDERFUL I know! Of course I do get the break of coming to work every day if that counts....which it totally DOES NOT hahaha!
Glad you got out mama!!!