Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is what I see.

This is my view most days.  A 10-month old who loves to climb up my pant legs and asks (aka whines) to be picked up.  Dozens of times a day, it's always the same.  And as much as it tires me out to pick him up every time, to stop what I'm doing, to calm him down or make him smile, I'm trying to do it with a happy heart, because soon he won't be pulling at me anymore, and I have a feeling I'll one day miss it.

Happy Sunday (and only-6-days-'til-Christmas-day) to you.

PS-It's almost time to write out our New Year's Goals, yay! Have you thought about yours yet?  I have and can't wait to get them down!

PPS-Check out this super sweet post from one of my fav photographers, Tara Swain.  Watch the video and try not to cry (I couldn't, it hit pretty close to home...)

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Stephie C said...

Oh yes lots of goals!!!!