Monday, July 21, 2008 point form

-it's monday, and mondays are blah.

-it's raining, and will rain all week...i took thursday off specifically to go to the beach and tan before my sister's wedding, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen now...

-speaking of which, my sister is getting married in 11 days! i still need shoes, jewelery, a strapless bra, corset (no, really), whitening

-went to sussex this past weekend and found THE MOST amazing antique store...picture an old 1930s house filled to capacity with old antiques, dishes, clothes, lamps, you name it...even the bathroom and closets were filled with treasures... i was in heaven

-we got pulled over for going 114 on the highway. the speed limit is 110. we passed a cop who was going about 108 but later said he was going 112...beyond ridiculous. we only got a warning though, thank goodness. cops sometimes, sheesh.

-i'm diggin right aligning my text now. oh yeah. and not capitilization either, woo! i'm wild.

-my favourite green flips flops broke this weekend and i am determined to find another pair before the week is over, no way am i going without my kelly green leather 5$ flip flops, nuh-uh!

-i got my etsy kit in the mail last week, so excited for it, i'm starting my first page tonight, hopefully i'll be able to post it by tomorrow!

-in less than one month i will be in california, soaking up the sun and visiting my little nephew noah. can't wait!

-speaking of babes, my oldest nephew, sean, turns 2 today! happy birthday sean! time flies, really it does.

-we are hoping to go see the dark knight this week, it looks sooooo good, i loved the first one and this one looks even better in some ways. can't wait!

-dan and i are into watching pbs documentaries right now...last week it was darfur and iraq, this week it was saudia arabia and coming up will be china. very interesting to learn when watching tv and not just to let your brain rot.

-speaking of rot though, i watched the 2nd episode of america's greatest cute! i love me some puppies...

-i downloaded the fors 8 episodes of season 4 of lost. it's been way too long since i saw jack, kate, sawyer and locke. i need to go back to the island and fall in love again.

-my 365, nothing special, played with picassa a bit, being lazy with the whole thing to be quite honest. my camera (well, myself) frustrates me. i wish nice pictures would just pop out of my camera...sigh

-i suppose that is all, off to get my scrap on!


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