Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life if full of lovelies...

1. Lovely People & Events

This week I spent alot of time with many lovely people. On Wednesday night I went to see the new Batman movie with my hubby, and it was really really good...though not as good as the first movie. I was surprised, but about half way through I thought to myself "I prefer the first one." Not to say that this movie wasn't amazing and above average, because it was (mainly because of Heath, but for other reasons as well), I just preferred the look and story of the first. Still great though.

Then on Thursday I spent some time with my friends from the Island...Jack, Kate, Locke, Ben, Sawyer...yes, I know they aren't real, but to me they might as well be and I haven't seen them in a long while, so waking up early, driving hubs to work and then coming home on my random day off to watch 2 episodes uninterrupted while the morning slowly began was quite enjoyable. Spent Friday playing games (Scattegories and Rubikube) with Dan and Heather...quite fun I must say so myself. Then on Saturday after a great day of shopping I went to my coworker Kelly's house to have a little get together/baby shower for our friend Darla. I was a bit surprised at how much fun I had, but it was a really lovely evening and I hope that we can do it again soon (with little Liam present I would imagine.) And today I went to the beach (finally!) with Heather and Dan for a nice relaxing day. It's great to spend time with people you really care about. Next week is all about the fam, because my sister is getting married and my parents are coming to visit, woo!

2. Lovely Places

My Home.
Value Village.
The Car.
My Scrapspace.
In Bed.

3. Lovely Things

-I love my house. It's getting better and better. My room is now done and I sigh everytime I walk in there, it's so peaceful and lovely, it really is. My living room is coming together, the bathroom is 99% done and the kitchen is being dreamed about in my head. I work on it everytday and it makes me really happy.

-I am currently in Value Village rehab. For real. I've gone 3 times in 4 days and have spent over 100$ there. I need help. But, on the bright side, I've gotten many, many beautiful things, including my curtains for the living room, "pearl" neckalces (my new It accessory), a dress, 2 pairs of capris, 4 shirts, a bright and cheery comforter for my room in the winter, 2 super cool glasses....oh yeah, I scored. And I love it.

-Three words: The Flaming Lips. I am loving everything they do right now. Yoshimi is my new favourite song and album. So wonderful.

-I am really enjoying the layouts I've been creating lately. They are fun, bright and carefree. I know that I need to go a bit deeper, and I'm planning a mini/album of my 365s that I hope will allow me to get some real issues out, but for now, I'm having fun just creating and playing. It's playful, and that's the key right now I think.

-Been taking lots of pics lately, which is nice, again, I'm not feeling any pressure, just snapping away, and I'm looking forward to my sister's wedding, I plan of trying some more skilled shots then, we'll see how it goes.

Here are some of the latest:

New pearl, 1.99$

I put the revamped chest in my room,
it fits better in there. Added a pillow as
a cushion, a lovely vase from VV, picture,
and now it's my fav little corner of my room.

New flats I got on my day cute.

Playin' outside on a rainy day...

Beach bums.

Looks warm, but it actually freezing (it is, after all, the
Atlantic Ocean.)

Sigh. Life is beautiful. La vie est belle.
Not sure if I'll be back this week, I'm going to try and finish a layout within the next few days, but I leave Wednesday night for Sussex to get ready for Daf's wedding!
Should be an exciting time.
Until then, what are the lovely things in your life?
Cherish them.

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Lindsay said...

Love your photos...always so beautiful!

Have fun @ BSB! My Mom is coming with me too...she loves them as much as I do...probably because it was such a huge part of my high school years and I made her drive me to their shows and listen to them ALL the time! LOL...let me know how the show goes!

Have a good one,