Sunday, July 6, 2008

Squash coloured living room? Check.

Hey hey! Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I am having a productive and lovely time, I painted my living/dining room, went to see a movie with the hubs (Wanted, with Angelina Jolie...super violent, super stylized, super action, super GORGEOUS Jolie=great summer flick), ran some errands, cleaned and enjoyed the lovely weather :) The one thing I did not do was scrap, but I'm hoping to get my OLW page done within the next few days...oh! Also, I got this awesome magazine the other night, I couldn't resist:

Cute scrapbooking based projects, DIYs, painting tips, vintage inspired decorating, and an article on the awesomeness of white? Oh yeah, right up my alley. Going to be digging into this all month :)

So, without further ado, here is my new, squash coloured living room (with green tape):

The colour, I must admit, did not look like what I wanted in the can, and it came out a bit more golden than I had thought, but in the end I really like it, everything pops against it, black or brown or white, so I'm excited to get a new dining room set, coffee tables, and decorate the place! And oh baby, just wait until the fall, it'll look sooooo cozy and nice, I can't wait! Once that is done, the next Challenge will be the coloured walls and white cabinets, oh my. Then that'll be it pretty much, except for little details here and there, but my first how-I-want-it home will be complete, woo!

Well that's all for now, just wanted to share what I've been up to, hope everyone has a great week! Before I go, my latest 365s (not super original, but I was painting, too busy to think of something!)

Me being a total dork with my wild painting hair (painting in +25C weather=not so good on the looks.)

Today's shot, loving my new Walls :)



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Mandi said...

haha I know what you mean about painting in the heat! I've been doing a bit of the same! I went to work out the other day... and realized my shorts are all painty. oops! :)