Tuesday, July 8, 2008

one little word...one big reveal


Ok, so here's my entry for the One Little Word this week, the word was NOW (sorry for the crooked picture, I miss my Photo Stitch program so much!!)

I knew immediately what I wanted to do when I saw this word, but it took me awhile to actually do it. Why? Fear mostly. Fear of getting this out, of letting people know, of revealing how I feel. Of looking stupid for scrapping about this kind of thing. But it's good. It's good to get it out, to document it, the good with the bad (and the unknown.) Like I said, in a few months this could all turn out to be a big nothing, but right now, in the midst of the frustration, the word NOW really seemed to resonate with me.
Also, I finally used a piece of scalloped paper! I've had it forever so I'm glad. Use up that Stash people, it feels great!
Last night I helped my friend paint an old coffee table she got off of Kijiji white, it looks great...tonight it's my turn, I have a chest that I want to paint white as well. I also have a plan for it, we'll see if it works...Me + paint = good times.
My 365 from yesterday, according to my calculations (which could be off), it was Day 100, a milestone if you ask me! So far I have missed 19 days, which is almost 1/5th, so not too too bad, hopfeully I'll get back on the train and the next 100 will be better than the first!!

Yep, my bum.
Well that's all for nowsies. I'm seeing all kinds of great things being done with the new Dozens kit, makes me want it soooo bad!! Maybe maybe someday.
G (in a dress)


Selena said...
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Selena said...

Been there as you know through our many many talks. Wish I could tell, or say words to take the worry away. Wish I would tell you why it's not easy for some of us. Just know that 'no neither of you did anything, for having this long wait'. Here a hug and I am always here if you need to talk, I never ask the P word ever to anyone or bug them at all b/c we have been there.

Lynn said...

Thisi s Gorgeous! I hope things work out for you soon!


Jen said...

i really like this LO and the picture is FAB!!! :D