Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For Daf...

Made this layout last night while I was waiting for the debate to come sister is so crazy in love with her cat it's not even funny, even on her wedding day she insisted on having her picture taken with him! He is a pretty cool cat though, laid back and chill, just like her. The layout, luckily, came together pretty well, mostly because the background Cherry Arte paper matched the pic exactly. I'm resigned to the fact that my style is definitely similar in all the layouts I do, but I've also decided not to fight it, if it's what I like to do, then so be it.

Fav saying: "Ooooh Kitty."

(Title taken directly from her caption on Facebook for this picture.)

Cutest little fruit foam stickers I got forever ago.

Also, the day has finally arrived...I got my glasses! I've decided to switch over because my contacts have been killing my eyes lately, my eyes are always really really bloodshot (people say I look like I'm smoking something which trust me I'm not), so I need to give them a rest. I got 2 pairs, they have pretty much the same shape, but one set has metal frames and are thinner, the others are plastic and thicker (nerdier?) These ones are the thicker ones, I love them.

Tonight Heather and I are going to get some more craft supplies for our weekly Halloween Spooktacular activity (this week: Halloween wreath), and I'm also bringing my husband to get his hair cut, it's getting crazy long, and not in a good way. Mine too. Chop chop we go.

Ok, time to get back to the world of Reqs, filing, copyright issues and French proofreading, oh boy...

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Lindsay said...

I think the glasses look great! Can't wait to see how the wreath turns out!