Sunday, October 26, 2008


Our new kitten, our first baby...well, 2nd I suppose (Poor Pierre, sniff sniff) Anyway, we aren't 100% sure on a name yet, we're leaning towards Yoshimi (of Flaming Lips fame), we'd call her Sheemee for short. I also like Uma, she looks like an Uma to me, so maybe she'll have 2 names, since Dan isn't too fond of it. Dan loves her, he's the reason we got her in the first place, I would much prefer a puppy (or baby), but for now, she's ours and we love her :)

We also had our Spooky dinner this weekend, and let me just say that I cannot imagine what it was like to be a wife in the 50s or 60s, to be expected to cook a full out meal like that everyday (or at least a few times a week!) It was sooo much work, so many things to do at once, so much preparation...we were cooking from 12-7pm straight almost. It was delicious though, mmm turkey, sweet potatoes, peas, stuffing and molasses spice cake, delish :)

We also made hot apple cider, the very definition of Fall. I loved it. Kind of a last celebration before the end of this week, and the end of October (which pretty much marks the end of Fall, November around here is mostly gray, cold and dark, the beginning of the long winter...oh sigh.)

I'm back into watching LOST, I saw a trailer for Season 5 and I got chills, I really did, so now I'm watching Season 4, I might go backwards and watch Season 3, then 2 and 1...that should hold me over until it starts again and I can begin obsessing.

I am totally lusting after this kit right now. Maybe a Christmas present to myself? Yeah, I wish.

Well off to see our kitty baby, night all, hopefully I'll have some scrappies to show this week.


Selena said...

Congrats on the new addition to our family. Hopefully she potty trained :).

Christina C. said...

cute kitty! congratulations!