Friday, October 24, 2008

This weekend I will...

-create new blog banners/icons for myself, 'cause i need to add some zing to my blog!
-re-paint my nails with black nail polish, or learn to accept chipped black nail polish
-attempt to get my hair cut and dyed
-wear my old lady hat all day and night

-get some fall pics printed and scrap a few pages/do a mini book
-download "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and watch it 8 times in 2 days; go 'awww' alot; wish i were a kid in the 50s
-make a spooky dinner with Heather
-buy all the fixin's for treat bags for the kiddies
-clean and do laundry
-hopefully get out and take some more pics like this:

and this:

This weekend I will not...

-waste my morning sleeping in too late (a little late, but not too late)
-waste my afternoon watching TV (should be easy with no cable)
-waste my evening surfing the net
-stay indoors all day
-spend too much money
-get bored and look forward to Christmas instead of focusing on Halloween's goodness
-avoid my camera or my scrap desk

This weekend I may possibly...

-drive an hour outside of the city to pick up a robin's egg blue typewriter for 10$
-swoon over pretty prints on Etsy
-wear a summer skirt with winter boots

*I want to [re]paint my kitchen tomato red. Or brown.

**I read history in my spare time. Currently reading about Ireland from the Fall of Rome to Medieval times. It rocks.

***I don't understand why every girl with a computer and some material/paint/buttons/ clothes/cute salt and pepper shakers thinks she can open an Etsy shop and charge ridiculous prices. But I vent.

****Autumn is over in a week and I am dreading the end of the beautiful Fall. I am so sad to see it go, but am looking forward to Christmas already (read: Christmas, not snow or winter or cold.)

Must go highlight now. Happy Weekend.

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