Monday, October 20, 2008

Mi abuela y yo

My latest layout...I made it for my friend Jelena, who I met while on exchange in Spain and who I miss dearly, even today. We still talk and send emails, and I'm *hoping* to be able to go visit her in Italy next year where she lives...she sent me a letter last week and I knew I had to create something for her to send back (by email of course.) I've had this picture of us for a long long time and I'm glad I finally scrapped it. Used lots of old stuff on this one, including some Chatterbox paper (remember them?), tag from Etsy, K&Co die cuts, some Hambly and other "junk". I like how it turned out.

(The 'abuela'-granny-nickname came while we were living in Spain together...we lived with 4 other people and they would always go out and party, but Jelena and I preferred to just stay home and drink tea and talk, not stay up late, not be as adventurous, etc, so the others said we were like the 'grannies' of the now we call each other 'abuela'.)

I wish I could have done a layout for the Mojo Challenge this time (favourite Halloween show/movie), but I didn't get the pics I needed printed in time...oh well, next time I guess. Having fun scrapping at a leisurley pace, no pressure, no deadlines, no expectations from myself, no comparing to others, just scrapping for the joy of it.

Here's my latest 365, #200 to be exact:

New boots, so warm and fuzzy and comfy and green, I love them!

Out of 200 days, I have shots for about 125 of them, which isn't too bad I suppose, I went through a period where I barely took any pics but I'm starting to get back into it now, we'll see if I can get the number back up by the time I hit 300 this's still incredible (and ridiculous) to me that I have 125 pictures of myself from this year, but it'll be fun to load them all into an album next spring and look back. Fun project, I'm glad I did it :)

This weekend was all about spooky. On Friday we watched Blair Witch and on Saturday Heather and I went out for a spooky photography project (post on that later), then we came home and watched The Ring. This week: carving pumpkins and preparing for a spooky dinner! Love it...although I must say that the Christmas bug is already starting to bite me, I think I will look forward to that as much as Halloween this year for some reason...

It's freakin' COLD here. Like, need my mitts and hat cold. Winter is at our doorstep and although I love the first few snowfalls and frosty nights, I know what's coming and as a whole I'm not looking forward to it. But that's Canada, gotta take the bad with the (mostly) good.

That's all for now, more later, ciao all!

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Mandi said...

ooooh I love your boots!