Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Point Form Life...

...because it's easier that way.

-Latest layout. For the Effer Dares #124, "inside jokes". This is a new inside joke for Dan and I (we actually don't have many), so the timing on this couldn't have been better! Not super thrilled with the layout, but it's there and documented, that's the important part.

-Latest pic of Shimi. With my new camera lens I've been shooting her non-stop, so I have an over-abundance of cute kitty shots. I need to stop though. Really. I will. Tomorrow. This weekend I'm making Heather go out with me for a photo shoot if the weather is nice, only 2 weeks left until I take pics at a wedding and I want to make sure to have the basic ins and outs of my camera down before then! Also, I need to soak up as much of my friend as I can before she moves across the country on Feb 26th! (Sniff sniff)

-We got some fun stuff in the mail this week! My friend Jelena from Italy sent me a lovely, super cute authentic Italian coffee maker, called a "Mokka". You put the coffee and the water in the little pot, put it on the stove and it heats up and makes a really good coffee apparently (I'm not a coffee lover by any means, but Dan enjoys it so he will get some use out of it at least.) If not it'll look super cute in the kitchen!

Also Dan got an issue of McLean's magazine last week and another this week. His brother and wife bought him a one year subscription for Christmas, which is really nice, he loves reading those types of things and was asking to subscribe to something a few months ago. Thanks guys!

-LOST IS TOMORROW NIGHT. I couldn't be any more excited. Oh my word, yes. They're baaaaack!!

-I got a call today to say that our building has been sold, but that the new owners are keeping it strictly as a rental and that "nothing will change". Somehow I doubt that (umm, hello, higher rent), but as long as we can stay and keep living the way we are living now, I'm happy.

-I found my Pilates ab video online, yea! I've been doing them for about 2.5 weeks now, 4-5 times a week, sometimes twice on the weekend, and even though I have a loooong way to go before I'm happy with my body again, I'm starting to feel it, and that's good :)

-The new prompt at The Art is Found looks fun this time, the challenge is to make a mobile of some sort. Not sure how I could work that, but we shall see. (Side note: I've noticed that almost all the scrap challenge blogs and old scrap blogs are moving away from scrapbooking, and into "crafts and art" in general. While I think this is cool, it's fresh and new, I'm kind of sad to see "traditional" scrapbooking go out the window, I feel like I'm not done with it yet, I'm still loving the paper and glue, so I'll probably be sticking with it for awhile longer anyway. Not to say I won't dabble in other things, but scrapping will remain my main hobby for now...until I learn to sew, hmmm....)

-I have this song stuck in my head like you wouldn't believe. Last Saturday night Dan, Heather and I spent 4 hours watching old music videos from the 90s/early 00s on Youtube (no kidding.) It was awesome though, we just took turns naming old songs we wanted to hear (I may have participated more than they did, but I remembered so many!) And now I can't stop humming "Do you eat, sleep, breathe anymore, do you sleep, do you count sheep anymore, do you sleep anymore?"

-Latest 365, little shots of colour with the winter gray, which I desperately need. The new lens isn't the best for my 365s, it's not meant as an "arm's length shot" or even a "timer shot" lens, so I'll probably be switching it back and forth with my old lens starting next week to get some better 365s, I only have about 70 days to go, oh my!

Well I guess that's all for now, just snippets of life, nothing exciting, but that's life sometimes! I'll probably be back on Thursday with some thoughts on LOST (if I can formulate any thoughts after being blown away, that is.)


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oxenanny said...

comments in point form

-omgz LOST

-Shimi is such a different unique looking cat. I dig it.

-Will Lost be good? I don't wanna get myself too psyched incase it doesn't live up to it!

-I love the picture in flicker of Shimi in a scarf. You and Heather should start specializing in knits for pets.

-mwah. xoxox