Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Fun

Heather and I did one last photoshoot (well, possibly) before she moves away out West in a month and leaves me model-less, so we *tried* to go to Dollar Lake, which is about 30 mins outside of the city, but we ended up missing the entrance and driving back to Clam Harbour Beach, which is where we shot our "Spooky" photoshoot back in October. No matter though, I really like how these shots came out, being on the beach in the winter is something only a Canadian could appreicate, but really it was quite pretty (if a little cold!) And deserted, which really helped us feel comfortable. I managed to get some really good shots, and I learned some things about my new lens, which was the main point, I think I'll be ready for next weekend's wedding, I just hope the weather (and bride) coorperates!
Here are some of my fav shots of the day:

Soo pretty. You can see the rest of the shots in my Flickr . (Also, I updated the listing for the Naiomi cowl in our shop, in case anyone is interested, it makes an awesome photo prop) :)

I think that we may attempt one last shoot before she goes if we have time, one of both me and her, a "friends" shoot before she goes. We want to do something silly and fun and bright, does anyone have any cool ideas/links/pictures of something we can do?

Now, far less cheery and bright is my latest Art Journal page, which is really just an old school "high school" type collage with cut-out magazine letters, but it was something I needed to express and this was the easiest way to do it.

Doesn't need alot of explaning.

-We got our loveseat today, finally, after stalling and procrastinating on it for 3 weeks, we now have it on order and will have it delivered sometime in February. Can't wait! Next up: Dining room table (and possibly a new TV...)

-Dan estimated how much he is getting back in taxes this year and we are dreaming of what we can do with it (it's not alot, but enough.) We are thinking maybe new TV (mentione above), perhaps a trip somewhere, or the responsible thing, which is to put it on debt and our house account. We shall see, it's fun to talk about now though.

-I'm only working 3 days this week, I'm so excited! I really need a break from that place. On Thursday Sara and Judah are coming for the day, which will be really fun, she hasn't seen my new place yet so it will be nice to have her here, and I get to play with a baby all day (and practise taking more pics, of course.) Then we are heading off to Sussex for a long weekend, which is always fun.

-Got our paperwork all cleaned out and updated today, which isn't interesting in the least to anyone but myself, but I love having things organized :)

Ciao a todos! Happy Sunday!


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oxenanny said...

The photos, the girl and the landscape are beautiful girlie! Awesome work. I think my favorite is the shot of you two jumping. I like pictures that tell a story, something happening, capturing a memory. So goofy shots are often my favs :)