Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A roll I tell ya, a roll...

Like I said, I've been scrapping like mad lately, and I made another one last night, using a pic of my friend Heather that I thought was quite cute (sorry for the wonky colours, I took the picture tonight with no natural light whatsoever...is it spring yet?!?)

Based on Sketch 113 from Pencillines again, I love their stuff right now! Also used up some scraps, SEI birthday paper (reverse side), K&Co Wild Saffron, BG Offbeat...the usual.

Up next: the One Little Word Challenge. Word is START. I can definitely work with that.

I went to get my camera lens tonight but the only store that has it in town was closed! Grr, so frustrating. They are open tomorrow night though so I am going to get it for sure, I can't wait! I'm thinking Heather and I will definitely be photo-shooting on Saturday if it's nice enough out...

It's so weird that the holidays are over. I guess I'm in what my friend called the "post Christmas slump." Nothing to look forward to for a long time it seems, I think I need to book myself a vacation in the spring so that I can look forward to that! Or learn to enjoy the winter, since we have about 4 months of it left :S


Oh PS- Jen posted these amazing posters the other day on her blog, I absolutely love them, so tempted to buy 2 and frame them in my living room...hmm, can I resist?


oxenanny said...

omg new Blog Header! It makes your blog seem so serious!

Genevieve said...

This is my "winter" look, haha, stark and white...too serious? I'll probably change it soon.

Did you notice I quoted you in my post? :)

ayahthetiger said...

I like the new look of the blog!