Friday, February 27, 2009

Oops, I did it again...

...I haven't blogged in over a week. I'm getting bad, I'm sorry! I don't suppose I have much of a reason for not blogging, although I will say that I was quite busy hanging out with and soaking up as much as this chick as I could:

Yep, she's gone. My only good friend in Halifax (and one of my few good friends, period), Heather, flew out yesterday morning to start a new life out in British Columbia. I drove her to the airport, and I must say that it all didn't feel very real, more like she was just going on vacation for awhile. I kept telling people all week that it probably wouldn't feel real to me until next Wednesday night when I want to talk to her about LOST before getting together to watch it, then it'll hit me that, oh, we're not going to watch LOST together again for possibly quite a long time. And it makes me kind of sad, but I know that this is what she wanted and what she needed for herself, so I can't wait to hear about her adventures in the mountains!

Soooo, that about explains my absence. I was helping her pack and clean and get rid of her stuff all last week (well, watching her do it mostly, ha) then we went out on Saturday to celebrate her last weekend here (bowling and a pub, how exciting), and on Wednesday we watched our last LOST together in her empty apartment, with nothing but the computer and a few pillows to sit on the floor with. It was nice.

As most of you know, Heather has been my primary practise model for me over the past year, so I thought I'd share some shots that I've taken of her over the last year:

This was my first really good shot of her, back at the beginning of April last year. I was so happy with myself and my brand new camera! Still learning back then (still learning now too.)

Last winter we were stuck inside, ALOT, because of the weather, so many-a-Friday night was spent just taking pictures of her in our crappily-lit apartment, but from time to time I'd get a gem like this one (back when she had brown hair!) Or we would try and stage "sets" and put her in costumes:

Anywhere we went basically I had my camera and I took pictures of her. By the end she was pretty used to it.

Shots from our first "major official" photoshoot, the Halloween themed shoot out in Clam Harbour. I had alot of fun that day, and she did too, despite being out in a nightgown when it was only about 10C! These types of things I will remember the most, our foolishness and drives out to nowhere to take silly pictures.

My absolute most favourite picture of her ever, taken this past January, again in the freezing cold and again on Clam Harbour beach. Just radiant.

And finally, shots from our last photoshoot, our "friends" photoshoot, taken this past Sunday in her empty apartment. I love these shots too.

That's us, one year in a nutshell basically.

She was my lunch buddy, sometimes roommate, noon-time rambler, etsy shop co-founder, sharer of crafty dreams, photo model, LOST obsesser, Michael's and shopping partner, arguer, costume-wearer, dreamer, holiday lover, new craft tryer, button pusher, supporter, therapist, confidant, complainer, plans-that-never-happened maker, and my friend. And I will miss having her around.

Good luck Heather, I'll send you one of those caramel apples someday!!

(Ps-Non-Heather related: I have a few layouts that I made this week, and my new 52Q book cover and entries, I'll show those later this weekend, along with my new and improved living room I hope!)


Selena said...

good friends are hard to come by that is true. Good thing is great friends stay close no matter the distances. Took me three yrs down here, to meet ppl. Just remember more will come along just give it time.

Oh and an answer to one of your twitter notes. Lots of ppl are happy and have no kids. I remember my sister asking me if tom and i would stay together if we couldn't have kids. My answer was "I would rather a life without kids and be with Tom then be without Tom." We also have friends that chose not to have kids. Also ppl have kids and aren't happy. So my answer to you is You are the only thing/one that can make you happy, happiness starts inside and you share it with others.

Uhu said...

I'm sorry to hear that your friend Heather moved so far away! I'm sure you will continue to keep in touch... and maybe a road trip might be in order :) Like Selena mentioned above - good friends are so hard to come by. Hopefully you'll meet some fun, creative souls in your area soon :)