Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sail to the Moon

I, for the life of me can't get that song out of my head, j'adore it so much, that whole album "Hail to the Thief" has got me by the heartstrings, I must say. Radiohead kick is definitely still in full swing. Anyhoo, haven't posted in a bit so I thought I would share some visual bits and give a little update with what's going on with the Flynnies.

The main thing that has been filling my head this week (besides Radiohead) is planning a trip to Italy. Yes, the infamous trip I've been talking about for oh, about 3 years now, but it's come back into my mind and darn it, it's going to happen this year. Dan has amazingly and selflessly given me the go-ahead to go alone since we both can't afford to fly there, and with our tax money coming back we should have enough to cover me going (I can't express enough how much I love my husband for understanding my need to travel and his willingness to allow me to spend so much money quite selfishly on myself)... so now I'm on a ticket search. The only problem with this seemingly simple plan is that I can only go in August because that is the only time that my friend Jelena (who I will be staying with) can take on vacation. Which doesn't sound like a big deal until you try searching for plane tickets for August...hello high season! So I don't know what I'm going to do, I'm searching and searching, I may have to grab a seat sale ridiculously early, or dangerously late to my ideal travel time, who knows. All I know is that I HAVE to go, it's not a want anymore, it's a HAVE. It's my new mantra. So I'll be constantly on the lookout and mentioning it briefly from time to time in the next few months, just to warn you. Italy this and Italy that...

On to real world things...

Latest scrap page, again using the pictures from Heather and I's last official photo shoot (well, perhaps not the last, we may do another this weekend, but the most recent.) I really liked how this turned out, it's based on Sketch #118 on Pencil Lines (hello my name is Geneviève and I'm a sketch addict....Hello Geneviève.) It's junked up but not tooo junked up, and the BG birdie paper is too cute! Pulled out the ole' masking tape too, which is fun. Scrappy goodness.

Been reflecting alot of Heather's upcoming adventure out West (one week from today!), it's going to be quite something, I'm very excited/nervous for her, but she is really looking forward to it so I can't wait to see what happens to my little blonde! She has been slowly shedding everything she owns, something that I'm not sure I could ever do with my things, but in the process of her doing that I have inherited quite a few of her items (I'm not complaining!) The biggest thing I've taken over are these 2 chairs that I actually blogged about waaay back in April of last year (it's shocking to me that I've been blogging that long!) when we thrifted them off Kijiji:

They are now mine, and they don't look much different than in this picture because Heather never got the chance to properly refinish them, so the task now lies with me and I'm very excited. I'm going to go scout out some fabric that will go with my couch and new love seat (coming on Saturday!), and I may get a quote on professionally re-upholstering them. Has anyone ever had anything re-upholstered? Is it pricey if you provide the fabric? The legs also need a good sanding and staining, so that will be a spring project for sure. I'll be sure to update once they get their makeover :)

I'm also getting a white coffee table, a set of lamps, 3 baskets, some craft supplies (yarn and fabric and scrap stuff, oh my!), a gorgeous tree print, lots of books and other random thingies. It was very nice of her to let me have all this stuff, and I can't wait to meld it all in with my own things. Little pieces of Heather in my home (but not in the serial killer kind of way that sounded...)

So, speaking of decorating and things, this weekend will be dedicated to a living room re-do. Our new love seat is coming on Saturday, and I have Heather's chairs/2 new prints/new floating shelf/Heather's lamps/possible new curtains to add, so I will be doing some re-jigging for sure. Before and After pics will be provided :) One thing I wish I could do, but can't, would be to install some gorgeous built-in shelves like these ones, wow and double wow:

Photo from Design Sponge

Love them so much. Maybe in our house someday. After I do the living room the only thing I will will have left to do in there will be to get a new TV/sideboard, but that probably won't be until later in the year. I may also paint our coffee table in the near future, we shall see. If I'm smart I will also do some paint touch-ups I've been ignoring for months...bad me. Ok, one last house thing and then I'm done: yesterday and today an electrician is coming in to replace our fuse box in the apartment because it was suuuuper old and before the landlords sell the place they had to update it (I'm guessing.) Anyway, so yesterday I come home and my whole house has been tampered with, and there's gyproc dust allll over the place! Left by 2 holes in the walls, just perfect. So I'm waiting for him to finish today so that I can de-dustify the place and put everything back in its right place. I don't think I would be too good with the whole re-modeling thing, I would probably have to leave my house for fear of going insane/into a rage at the messy tradesman (of whom my husband is one!) The one good thing about it I suppose is that it's going to force me into an early spring cleaning, which isn't a bad thing necessarily...

Ok, moving on...

In the next few days I look forward to:
-Playing ScrapJack (I have a mini book in the making started in my head for this one...)
-Playing Work Your Soul (Again, there's something flocullencey cooking up in my head)
-Possibly looking into participating in the 52Q Challenge on Emily Falconbridge's blog, I really like the idea...thanks Dani for linking it up!
-Swimming (I flaked on Tuesday and last night was LOST, so this will be my first time!)
-Taking some more pictures with Heather, hopefully outside
-Finishing the first Season of the Sopranos with Dan (great show!!)
-Getting our love seat finally
-Shimi being out of heat (poor little thing, we need to bring her to the vet next week)

Well I don't want to get too wordy so I'll end it there. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to be back this weekend with some pics of the new and improved living room and maybe some scrappies!


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Aimee said...

ooh, love those built-ins as well. yay for italy! have a wonderful time!