Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Sigh-ables

I finished this layout last night. It's for the latest Effer Dare Challenge, which is "I am a ____ Virgin". I decided to make it about my hubs and his lack of ink. For 6 years now he's been saying he wants a tattoo, but he can't decide what he wants.

(I already have one tattoo and my opinion on them is that as long as they aren't too topical/trendy/dated, then it doesn't matter what they are. I for example just have a little flower on my lower right back (it was 2003, so the lower back was the "it" spot, whatev), and I know that when I'm 80 I'm not going to think "a flower, what is that?" or "Man that flower is soooo 2003!", so to me it's fine. He doesn't see it that way though, it has to mean something to him, so he's taking his time until he find something he really wants. I can't wait for him to get one though, he would look so hot!!)

I really like all the blues and greens with the black and brown in the layout, and it was super quick to come together, I love when that happens :)

So, the other day I got my print from artandghosts (I love it sooo much!) and I'm now thinking about my living room wall re-do. I want to get some floating shelves and create a wall collage (I attempted to make one above my couch but it's never really taken off, so I'm going to start over.) I've been looking online for inspiration, and sigh, there are so many pretty rooms out there!

Here are a few with floating shelves...

(This space above it my ideal, when we get a flat screen TV I want a sideboard like this, with shelves above)

And here are some pictures of wall collages that I find oh-so-beautiful (I really like the full, busy look, but still with some airiness)

*Most of these photos are from Deorology, a great visual sight for decor and inspiration!

(Not a wall collage, but I LOVE these bookcases and this room!)

Soooo, I hope to get to work on this possibly this weekend (with the help of my husband and his mighty drill.) I need to get some shelves, and a few frames for some of the prints I've been collecting, I might get some of my pictures blown up, so we'll see how it turns out! My walls are not white, so I don't know if it will be as effective as it would be on a white wall, but I'll try it out anyway...I love DIY and decorating! And this time I'm not letting renting stop me from beautifying my home (my landlords are pretty cool...as far as I know, I've never seen them, ha.)

Anyway, this should cure my decorating itch until the spring when I re-paint my kitchen (well, re-paint the walls-goodbye hideous lime green, hello light sandy beige-and finish painting the inside of my cupboards...) I'm also interested in painting a surface in my kitchen in chalkboard paint (I have one little end of my cupboard that would be perfect) Has anyone tried using this paint? Can you paint over it with regular paint once you don't like it anymore (or are moving out?)

Happy, lovely Tuesday afternoon!



Cami said...

Diggin' the layout. And I'm w/ your hubby on ink... I've been pondering for a decade. Seriously. And I'm generally a quick decision maker. Permanent ink seems like it should be momentous. I'm thinking TREE.

oxenanny said...

You can get floaty shelves at walmart for really cheap. I have some from there. I hate walmart, but budget is budget! I am going to a Valentines Day party with the kids today, cute! They have their little pink and red vday outfits on! Going out tonight but maybe I will try to give you a ring before I go. I keep wanting to call you but I have been exhausted everyday after work this week! Kisses valentines!

oxenanny said...

ohh I just noticed the new banner. Sweet! I like it when you change up the look!