Monday, February 9, 2009


For The Art is Found challenge this time, the theme was 'wishes'. I decided to do the same as the lovely Dani and ask my hubs for his wish list, and added it to mine.

If I had 3 wishes right now, I would wish for the ability to travel all over Europe with Dan, to be debt free and to have our own house, and to have a baby. If Dan had 3 wishes right now he would wish for financial Independence (same as my debt free), to have musical genius (which I think he already has), and...a taco machine. Yep. Tacos. He was even nice enough to (carefully) journal his own wishes, and I love that.

[Please ignore the clips at the top of the layout, I have to hang them on my fridge in order to get good pictures until I get my scanner working again...sigh.]

I also played The Creative Type Challenge, which was to use retro fonts, and the layout is based on the latest Pencil lines sketch (#120). Three in one, oh yeah!

Here's another layout I did while I was at my mom's last weekend, not totally in love with it but it's fairly cute :)

This week I have absolutely no plans. I'm hoping to scrap of course, take some pics of course and watch LOST on Wednesday, but other than that it's a fairly boring week. But I suppose it's better than an overly stressful week, isn't it? Perhaps on Saturday I will do something looove related with the hubs, but we really aren't into that stuff all that much, so it will probably be fairly low key.

Umm, what else? Oh yes, I want to see Coraline. Looks so cute in a Edward Gorey kind of way (which is, of course, my favourite way.)

Well that's all for now, back later this week with more scrappies, I'm working on an Effer Dare layout right now, and I'll probably submit something for the ScrapMojo design team call, but we'll see.

I leave you with some pics of Heather and I from a semi-planned photo shoot we had this weekend at her place, nothing fancy, I'm hoping to get at least one more in before she leaves on the 26th. Does anyone have any cute ideas for a "friends" photo shoot?

Fun colour shots (playing with tint a little bit here)

Black and white "dramatic" poses, ha

Happy Monday!


Kara said...

such cute piccies!

love your taif layout! the colors are delish.

Cami said...

Great layouts!