Monday, June 15, 2009

Totally Random-o Monday

Since nothing monumental has been going on with us lately, it's time for a random-little-nothings-post that captures my life in all of its un-exciting glory...and I enjoy it.

-These 2 people (well, person and pet) have been those with whom I've been spending the most time lately. The Hubs, I love him, there's not much more I can say about that. He's amazing, and the best part is that his wonderfulness is still revealing itself to me as time goes by. I find myself loving him more and more, which is strange, because I thought I already loved him as much as I possibly could...[woah, that was totally mushy and out of the blue. Geez, a boy takes you out to get sticky buns one day and you become a big pile of goo!] Anyway, there's also our Shimi-kins, she's getting so big and independant now! Not that that stops her from demanding our attention from time to time, but for the most part, she's out on her own. I love following her around and observing her adventures in the yard though, too cute and funny. She's also my primary model these days, which is ok, since she's quite pretty :)

-I've been scrapping a little bit lately, the mojo seems to have returned to its normal state, so I'm happy about that. I'm running a bit low on pictures, but in a way that's good, it's forcing me to scrap some pictures that I've had forever, like the one of Judah above. I've been meaning to do some pages about him but I always put it off, so I'm glad that I finally got around to it. I used a Pencillines sketch, as always, love those!

The 2nd layout has been lying on my desk for a few weeks and I finally just finished it. It was one of thoooose. Anyway, it's for my sister's wedding album, all about her gorgeous dress (that she wanted to trade in for a 90$ dress from Le Château. Yep, that's Daf.)

I also did another 52Q card, which is my go-to project when I'm not sure what I want to create, they are so fun and liberating. This was an old question, and a simple one: How do you feel today? That day (and most days actually), I was feeling up and down, happy then sad, excited then bored, satisfied then miserable. This is how I am now, so I thought I'd better document it.

This week I reeeeally need to get to work on finishing my 365 book, it's so close to being done, I just need to do a bit of computer work, scan some pages to post and then I can put it away! Also, print some pictures, as mentioned above. Especially some of Dan.

-This past Saturday evening, after a long bout of bad weather, the sun finally came out, it was warm, and it became summer all of a sudden, so Dan and I went for a walk and got an Iced Capp from Tim's to share. There's a little park in our neighbourhood that belongs to the nearby Catholic church, and it's so peaceful and pretty in there. There's a Virgin Mary statue placed in the middle of the square, and little benches all around her with flowerbeds and shrubs. It's one of my favourite places to be. My entire neighbourhood is enchanting in the evening, I love it, and will miss it when we move.

-I'm diggin' this picture I took lately. Not sure why...I'm trying to take more pictures and get more practise, and since at the moment I don't have any models (besides the fur kind), I take pictures of flowers. Can't wait to get a real shoot done though, hopefully next month!

-This weekend Dan and I finished watching the 2nd Season of Breaking Bad, we're all caught up for when the 3rd Season starts this year. If you haven't seen this show yet go watch it NOW. It's amazing and so well done, I can't stop thinking about it. We're now starting to watch Mad Men, which I hear is also quite good, so I can't wait to get into that. I'm enjoying having these shows to watch with Dan, I don't like watching TV generally but this is ok, we can choose what to watch and when to watch it. I may also get into True Blood, been hearing some good things about it. Any watchers out there?

-I went thrifting on Saturday and scored big-time! I got 1 pair of pants, 4 shirts, a shirt for Dan, a pair of shoes and a new bathmat. Loves. Pics to follow perhaps, if I remember to switch my lens...

-I'm currently re-reading Catch 22 and am in love with Yossarian again. Who wouldn't be?!

-I'm currently listening (pretty non-stop) to the new Dave album. So glad that they came out with someone new, and something better than anything they've done in years. I'm quite enjoying this Dave phase I'm in, they are becoming few and far between, so I take advantage while I can. Favourite tracks include Funny the Way it Is, Time Bomb and Squirm (also, You and Me for a romance song...)

-My sister found this house on MLS and said it's her dream house. I can totally see it, isn't it so cute?! There's a chicken coop and everything. Perfection.

Well that was pretty random, right? I'll be back this week with maybe some less random news to report, or some inspiration to show off at least.

Happy Monday.


Mandi said...

I love Pencil Lines too! :) And as for Breaking Bad, I totally want to watch it. I just usually wait for all of the seasons (of shows I want to watch) to come out on DVD and watch them that way.

Anonymous said...

A lot of eye candy and a lot to read... thanks for sharing! I love the lay outs and the "dress-story"!