Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wicked Wednesday.

Well, not really, it was a pretty average day actually, but I needed something that rhymed.


I'm pretty proud that I'm still blogging every day, even though I will say that they are gonna be pretty short posts by the end of the week! Still, good on me.

So tonight I wanted to share the "secret" project I mentioned a few posts ago. In reality it wasn't much of a secret, I just had to keep it hidden until my friend Heather, who was the receiver, got it in the mail. She emailed me today to let me know that she got it, so now I can share it with the world :)

Basically it goes something like this: About a month ago while I was cleaning out the front stairs of my flat, I came across a big stack of old records. Half of them didn't have the actual records in them and the rest were pretty lame, but I did find one 8X8 album sleeve in particular that I liked, so I kept it around knowing I would do "something" with it someday. It sat on my desk for a few weeks, then all of a sudden it hit me out of nowhere what to do with it (sometimes creative sparks like that happen to me, I wish they happened more!)

I knew I had wanted to make Heather something to send to her out West, and this record sleeve turned out to be the perfect little holder for ,y project. I decided to alter the outside and fill the record pocket with little notes, pics and cards for her, each with a little tab that stuck out of the opening so she could pull them out. So that's what I did :)

Here are a few pics of each piece:

(front and back cover , it was cool because the record was from 1966...and from Victoria, BC!)

("we were foolish, but we had fun" - Shoot from January)

(random transparency I made with a little note of encouragement)

(a little picture card with a vellum overlay, that again has a little note.)

(these doubled sided cards, which were the size of the record holder, were inspired by Elsie's "50 Random Things About Me" sheets that were found in one of her scrap kits-can't remember which one-but I really liked the doodling and handwriting so I played around with that.)

(another two sided card, with a pic from our shoot in January)

I also tucked in a card for her to read, non-scrap related. It all came together fairly quickly and it was really fun to do, I'll definitely be doing it again sometime!

Oh, and last thing for tonight, the other day I found out that I had won a zipper pouchie from the amazing Lisa! (aka Madame Cupcake). It was only the 2nd time I had ever won anything online so I was super psyched, and I love her stuff, you should all definitely check out her Etsy shop!

Here's what I won:

Super cool right? It may end up being my new summer coin pouch/cell phone holder :)

Well that's it for me kiddos, back tomorrow!

Happy Humpday to you all!

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