Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yeah, it's still cloudy.

And raining. And drizzling. And foggy. And hard for me not to get least it's not cold I guess, so that's nice, people are still out and doing stuff, I don't really need a jacket or anything, the rain is warm, but it's definitely not looking like summer around here, and it sucks.

I've been pretty lazy this week and I will admit that it's because of the weather (or I'll blame my laziness on it, whichever.)


[The ever convenient] Randoms:

-Shimi got on our garage roof the other day. She was going to jump off, so I had to lure her to the other side and grab her. Yeah, she's my baby. Or I guess now it's more like my curious toddler.

-I've been sporting my contacts for about a week, and I'm liking it, despite the fact that my eyes feel gunky all the time. Hopefully once I get used to them that will stop. Still blood-shot, but that will never go away I guess. I blame the Marfan.

-We are almost done watching the 1st Season of Mad Men, and I love it. Sooo wanting to be a housewife. Except one with a brain and who doesn't take crap from her cheating husband. Best line from the show so far:

[Some Executive, when referring to Peggy, a secretary who pitched a slogan for a lipstick ad]: "It's like watching a dog play piano."

-I'm also over halfway done the 4th Season of LOST. It's the best show there is. Period.

-A co-worker loaned me this book, and I must say it's quite funny. Or should I say its quite funny? (PS-I know which one it is, and I can't understand how some people don't!)

-I finished painting my kitchen over the weekend, now I just need to do the dishes so that I can take some pictures. Ha! It's a lot lighter than the awful lime green it was, so I'm happy about that, but I'm not happy because I basically reverted it back to the colour it was when we moved in. Still, it looks different because of the white cabinets and pictures/decorations I'm putting up. My handy hubby also put up a nice curtain rod, and I thrifted an old tablecloth that I'm going to turn into a valance. Something like this (with the pom poms too, I like it!)

I also painted on a chalkboard on the end of one of the cupboard and I LOVE it. It was hard for me not to go chalkboard crazy! I may someday do something like this to my desk, though I doubt it would be quite as cute. Or paint an entire wall in my kitchen. For my next home maybe :)

-Speaking of decor, here's some eye candy I found from Hidden in France's Flickr photostream.

-I've been having a serious case of the house-wanties lately. Been looking at houses on MLS, dreaming about it, talking about it constantly with Dan, so I think that we are going to try and see if we can move our move-out date up a bit from next summer. My sister is going to find out next week if she is getting that cute cottage-house, I really hope it works out for her! And as for us, enough with the rent already!!

-I haven't scrapped at all lately, just haven't been feeling it, but I printed off a picture on my home printer (not so great, but eh), so I'll probably have something to post later this weekend.

-Having a Skype date with Jelena tonight, can't wait to talk to her, it's only about 6 weeks left until my trip!!

Well I suppose that's all, life is moving on, I'm working on my proofreading and photoshopping skills, taking it slow but also trying to take it seriously. Reading some older articles from Zen Habits is really helping me out, keeping me inspired and motivated.

What have been your 'randoms' this week?

Happy Thursday!

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Trevor said...

it's = it is
its = designated ownership

as opposed to the english standard which says 's designated ownership.

I had it wrong about 50 times in my thesis for university...drove my advisor crazy because I did it every revision.