Friday, September 25, 2009


Before the beginning of summer, before this little being in me took over and made me completely useless (not that I'd trade it for anything!), I had several creative/fun habits that I managed to keep up, and I'm now realizing that I'm completely out of, well, the habit of doing them. And I want to get them back.

Some of these include:

1. Taking photos and uploading them onto Flickr. I used to carry my camera with me everywhere I went, and I took pictures almost every day, if not several times a week. I went out yesterday and took some shots in the yard, and it was fun, if a little weird. But I need to get back into the habit of loading them off my camera, into Photoshop for a quick edit, and then onto Flickr/my blog. I used to do this daily, automatically. I miss sharing my life visually (which is sometimes so much easier than words.)

2. Being crafty. I need to get re-acquainted with my scrap/craft desk, it's been sitting gathering dust for far too long. Again, I used to scrap at least 3 nights a week, but besides the layout I made earlier this week I haven't touched it at all. Last night I went through the new Toast catalogues though, and ripped out all the beautiful images (seriously, I don't look at the clothes to buy, I look at the photography and styling!), so I may do some pages/home decorating projects with those soon, but there are other crafty things I want to get into as well. I have a sewing machine that has been sitting in its case untouched since June, and I need to bust it out and learn to use it!! And with a little one on the way now there are sooo many cute baby items I'd like to try and make, and blankets/bibs to get finished, and curtains for the nursery, so much! Not to mention knitting and crocheting, embroidery...just being crafty! My mom and grandmother might be coming next weekend, and I think it would be a perfect chance to get started on some of these things.

My little crafty corner, how I miss you.

ADORABLE baby vest and hat made my Soulemama

3. Thifting/shopping. Yep, might sound weird to say that I need to shop more, but lately I really do! My clothes are getting to that not-quite-too-small-but-kind-of-tight stage, and I imagine that in the next 2 weeks or so I'll be down to about 50% of my usual selection (which isn't much to begin with, especially for Fall clothes!). Sooo, that means I need to get a new wardrobe, yay!! But, like everything else, I haven't been to see my dear old friend, Value Village, for a good long thrifting excursion in quite awhile. I'm hoping that this will change this weekend, and that I find some cute Fall clothes. Top of my list: Some cute tights/leggings, maybe a plaid skirt, new jacket, shoes of any kind and some cardigans.

(Shopping Aside: It's also getting harder and harder for me not to want to buy baby clothes, there are so many cute items out there, just look! Adorable onsesies! Birds, trees, flowers...and a bear costume! Beyond adorable!)

[From Fawn and Forest, Old Navy and H&M)

There are other things I should get back into the habit of doing too, like cleaning, but I don't consider those things a priority ;) So yeah, just some things I've been thinking about lately with the coming of the new Season. I also need to get OUT of the habit of certain things too, like zonking out on the couch in the evenings, going to bed at 9:30, and generally being a lazy bum.

Anyway, this weekend should be pretty laid back for the ole' Flynns. We got some good news earlier this week that has settled some of the concerns I'd been having for the last little while; Dan, who had been laid-off from his job a few weeks ago, was hired back on with his company on Monday (with a raise!) and it looks like we'll be able to stay here until the baby is almost due (Jan/Feb), which was our original plan. We were thinking for awhile that we would have to move home sooner, which was fine by me, but this plan is better/more practical.) So that's nice, having things back to normal, and not having to worry about money again! We're still trying to keep things low-key though, we need to start saving for some baby basics as well as for an eventual down payment on a house. Geez, when did I get grown up all of a sudden?? So yeah, we'll be staying a home, I have some projects I'd like to get started, some baking/cooking to do, and maybe a bit of sleeping in, we'll see :)

What are you plans for the weekend? Anything Fall-ish? (Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice Fall day, maybe I can convince Dan to do something outdoorsy with me.)

Happy Friday!


Stephanie said...

Hi Genevieve, I hear you about not doing a whole lot... there are so many things I've put off for the past few months (maybe even years, LOL) that I want to jump right back into... like taking more photos, scrapbooking, and even completing a layout or two.

This weekend, my mom will be coming over tomorrow... she's actually going to help me out on a knitting project (like I said, it's been YEARS! :)) and then on Sunday DH, baby, and I hope to visit the Botannical Gardens in Burlington.

Wishing you, Dan, and the little one :) a good weekend... now I gotta do laundry... I wish I could skip on the cleaning stuff and just do the fun stuff, but such is life! :)

Sarah said...

We got some painting done saturday, so our house is half white/half yellow I don't really consider it fallish but the house (half of it) matches some of the leaves and it was a gorgeous day.

Glad to hear about the job. Love the baby clothes too I keep checking them out even though we absolutely don't need anymore!

Alice said...

Okay, here's my tip for a tooo busy mommy who still wants to maybe do some creative DIY projects around the house. Use vinyl wall decals. I get mine from Theirs have a matte finish so they blend right into the painted wall for a real professional look. They are so easy to put up, and are removable (no residue) which is a real asset because the kids (or you!) will undoubtedly be wanting to change the look at another time.