Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Woah random.

So this is probably as close as I (and Shimi) will get to giving you a self-portrait these days. I picked up my camera a few days ago for the first time in forever though and it felt...odd. Foreign. And I didn't want to take any shots of myself (kind of unlike my usual vain self.) I must get back into the swing of taking pictures though, if at the very least so that I'll have some blog material! Plus Fall is coming and the leaves are starting to change, so I have the perfect subject.

Anyway, I have had the past 4 days off (took Friday off from feeling crummy and Monday was my Modified Day Off), so I've been trying to be somewhat productive during that time, and I managed to get a few things crossed off my list. I:

-Made an apple crisp (which is sadly almost all gone)
-Went to Value Village and bought a few baby items at 50% off
-Recorded my Week 8-14 vlog (see below)
-Took Dan out for his birthday (Inglorious Basterds and appetizers, yumm)
-Started editing some pics from Italy and Croatia (see below)
-Did a bunch of laundry and changed the sheets on the bed
-Cut a piece of paper for scrapping and laid it out...and nothing else. I'm working on it!

Not too shabby compared to my usual blob of a self. I think this 2nd trimester will agree with me much more than the first. Let's hope so anyway.

Ok, on to the goods. I finally got around to editing some of my Italy and Croatia pics, all using PW's Photoshop Actions, thank goodness for those! I mostly just used the 'Boost' action to increase the saturation and sharpness and then finished them off with a Quick Edge Burn since it seemed to fit shots of Europe somehow. I played with some others too, but I didn't want to make it too complicated, since I have about 60 more to do and I don't want to spend a lot of time on them. Once they are edited, then I have to print and scrap 'em too, oye! Anyway, so here we go, the first batch:

Picture of me at some ruins on the Brijuni Islands in Croatia. This place was about as near to paradise on Earth as I have ever seen. We came upon these ruins by accident, they used to be a wine making district back in Roman and Medieval times. It was silent and deserted and magical.

My lovely and dear friend and hostess, Jelena, on the shore of the Brijuni Islands.

Some ooooold looking hourses in Rome. I kept asking Jelena "so people actually live in there?" because it seemed so crazy to me that they could live in an old house like that in downtown Rome, next to the Vatican, that kind of thing (used a vintage action on this one.)

The Coloseum in Rome...I saw 3 of the 7 coloseums in the world while I was there, it was cool.

The Spanish Steps in Rome...I remember this night because it wasn't deathly hot and there were so many people out (the street you see below was via Condotti, where celebrities go to shop...Prada, Hermes, Chanel, you name it)

A simple street in Padua, where Jelena lives. It was a beautiful old town in itself, we were only there for a few days though.

A crazy bridge/street in Florence. The colours were amazing and it was sooo busy there, but I enjoyed it all the same, especially after the chaos that was Rome.

So that's that, hopefully I'll get another batch done this week and post them later.

Also, if you want to see my jabber on about the last 6 weeks in this pregnancy saga of mine, here we go (and could Vimeo have chosen a WORSE screencap for the video?! Geez.)

Weeks 8-14 from Genevieve Flynn on Vimeo.

Today it's back to work and back to trying to figure out what the next few months will bring for the Flynns (nothing is set in stone yet, once things are more finalized I'll probably share.)

So until the next batch of photos or next baby related ramble, adieu!

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