Monday, October 26, 2009

10 years later, I still love 'em...

Last night Dan and I went to see one of my favourite local bands, Hot Toddy. They've been around for a looong time, but I first saw them about 10 years ago when they came and played at my high school. And pretty much since then I have seen them play at least once a year, sometimes more (though I did miss a few years here and there). I just love this trio's mix of blues, folk and bluegrass, while still seeming 'young' and not too 'country', if that makes sense. Very chill. Anyway, it was a great show and I'm glad I got to see them since it will probably be the last time for awhile (they don't play much together anymore...and oh yeah, I'm having a baby.)

*Aside: I hardly ever drink alcohol, like really hardly ever, but last night Dan was having White Russians at the bar and ooooh man did I want one (or a Vodka lime, for that matter.) It's funny how you just want things when you can't have them.

Anyway, my favourite song of theirs is called "Hard Times". It's so beautiful, I really wish I had a full clip of it for you to hear (you can check out their website though and purchase an MP3 if you're interested.) I made a layout using the lyrics about 2 years ago, back when Dan and I were separated for the 40 millionth time (well not really, but like the 4th or 5th time anyway.)

Thom Swift (the guy who wrote this song) is my favourite in the group and he's actually from the same little dirt patch that Dan is from (McAdam), which is kind of funny, he used to coach Dan's brother hockey. Small world. He's coming out with a solo record soon and he played one of his songs last night, I can't wait to hear the rest.

"I was in a hurry,
To be out on my own
You can't turn back time,
But if I could,
I would go back home."

Sigh, love.

The only video I was able to find of them on YouTube was this one, this is one of their many instrumentals called "Morning" (but personally I think they have much better ones than this one.) Hope you enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see a layout again (although it's an old one, but I had not seen it before...) Yes, I know the feeling to want things while pregnant which you don't long for otherwise... do you have "funny habits" to already? (I hardly ever eat fruits, but I HAD TO eat pears while pregnant...)