Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky Gifting

Happy Halloween everyone!

I've said it a couple of times already, but this year I wasn't as into Halloween as I usually am (it's usually my favourite holiday, even above Christmas). I'm not sure why that was, I think the main reason was because I didn't have anyone to do activities/crafts/baking with. Last year Heather and I had a big calendar with all our activities planned out for the month, and we did lots of silly things, but this year I was on my own, so I just wasn't into it.

I wanted to do something though, so I decided that if I couldn't be with my friends for Halloween, I could make and send them little Halloween packages so that they would remember the fun that we used to have and still get into the spirit a little bit. So all month I went about making up the packages. Here's a shot of what Anna's package looks like (Heather's was basically the same except for the picture frame, she got the mini that I blogged about below.)

Since I'm not able to drink this Halloween, I each gave the girls a shot glass with some spooky drinks for them to try in my place. They sounded sooo yummy, Dan is drinking Banshees tonight, I'm a bit jealous.

Candy corn, of course, in a hand-painted little box.

The main thing I made for the girls was a "magickal herb/spell kit" I included herbs that had qualities I wanted for each of them (fidelity from their boyfriends, success, visions to their futures, happiness, etc), and I also included a personal 'spell candle' for each. Heather's is the 'love spell' because I want her and her bf to get married (ha!), and Anna's is the 'amber moon spell', which is supposed to help you find your way in life (she's currently trying to decide what she wants to do career wise.) I got the herbs and candles from a local...witch? that sells all these things, it was really fun to check out!

Herbs and Magick candle label.

I made this little frame for Anna, it has a great creepy quote in it, I hope she uses it next year for a decoration and thinks of me :)

So today was mostly comprised of cooking and baking...I made Dan his beloved molasses-spice cake (that he only gets once a year), and I also tried something out of Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine, sausage-apple handpies, they turned out yummy! I think tonight we'll just be hanging out, I've been handing out candy for the past hour or so (I had a little bucket of candy necklaces sitting in my porch, and some punk kids stole the whole bucket! grr.) I'm looking forward to next Halloween already though, when I'll have my own little pumpkin to take out trick or treating :)

Hope everyone has a fun night, whatever you're doing on this All Hallow's Eve!

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