Monday, November 2, 2009

November Goals

Well, November is here, and I must say that I'm not as sad about it as I usually am. November for me usually brings images of grey skies, rain/snow, no holidays and dark nights. Nothing special, basically. But for some reason I'm looking forward to this month, I'm looking forward to seeing how my belly will grow, to getting the results from a bevvy of tests I'll be taking (more on that in another post), and of course, to getting ready for the holidays. So, inspired by Janel and Kara and many others, here are my goals for November (craft, work, baby and life related, in no particular order):

*Make a Christmas music playlist and upload it to my phone

*Research washer and dryer prices

*Pay off one credit card, start paying off the other

*Buy more cloth diapers (possibly online to save some pennies)

*Start prepping for handmade Christmas presents (research, gathering supplies, etc)

*Set a date for holiday craft making with the girls from work

*Write to Jelena (with pics!)

*Make the cute little trees found above, come up with cute display (I've already taken out my little trees, I love them for all of winter, not just Christmas!)

*Work on Consulting pitch for my job

*Go through clothes and household items, find what I can give away before we move

*Make an Operation Christmas Child box

*Research cribs/car seats/strollers

*Aim to do at least ten 52Q cards (or more)

*Start a few Christmas decor projects

*Wash and pack baby clothes that I've bought so far

*Work on new blog design (so please excuse the mess for the next little while)

*Print more pictures from the last couple of months

*Record my Week 14-20 vlog and take my Week 22, 24, and 26 belly shots

*Blog at least twice a week (and write the posts ahead of time)

*Throw out BBQ and clean off porch before snow comes

*Put items for sale in Etsy shop

*Make new baby name list

*Buy supplies needed to start December Daily album (including some cute vintage number tags); start building book and think of journaling prompts ('cause I know I'll need them!)

*Buy supplies needed for Christmas cards and look for some cute samples (like this one)

*Practise embroidering

*Take at least 10 self portraits (not just belly shots)

So that's quite the list! I'll check back in December to see how it all came along. My energy levels feel quite high right now so I'm going to try and take advantage while I can!

And, because I'm such a geek (and a sucker for a hot guy in a chunky sweater or awesome coat), here are some shots of our fav vampire, Robert Pattinson, brooding as always. Only 18 days 'til New Moon! (but who's counting...)

Happy Monday everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Wow, you certainly must have a lot of energy... that's quite a list!!! Good luck and fun with doing everything on it!