Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Question and Answers

Since about February I have been sporadically participating in Emily Falconbridge's 52Q: A Year of Mini Art journaling. Basically she provides a question every week and we scrap the answers, (supposedly on just a little tag, but I've been doing 5.5X7.5 cards). It's a fun idea, and I like having the little prompts. It's my go-to scrap project when I don't have anything 'big' to scrap (literally, when I'm not feeling like doing a 12X12 or 8.5X11). I'm also trying to use up just scraps/old Stash for this project, no new supplies allowed, which has been fun...sometimes the pages aren't my 'usual style' since I'm using older stuff, but I'm enjoying the challenge of making dated scrap stuff look cool again :)

Some of the questions are a bit tough, I really don't have photos or answers for them (and I have a super hard time scrapping something without a photo), but I'm determined to get them all done before the baby is born next March. I'm not doing them in any particular order, I just choose whaever question inspires me, but I thought it would be fun to share some of my most recent ones (I think that I have about 21 done out of 42, so I still have lots of catching up to do!) My goal is to get 10 done this month and I've done 5 already, so halfway there!

Here's what I've done just this month (you can see the rest of the cards in my Mini Love set on Flickr), perhaps when I'm done them all I'll post them together here.

Question 15: What makes me ME?

Question 25: Have I had a hug today?

Question 32: What is something I never want to forget?

Question 36: Why did I do that?

Question 39: What brings me joy?

In other scrappy news, I have my December Daily started. I'm going with a 6X6 chipboard album, which will be the bulk of my pages/days, but I'm also using some envelopes/transparencies for a few of the days as well to mix it up (I want stuff sticking out of it all over the place, as usual.) So I have my chipboard and papers all cut, I just need some spray glue to adhere the pages to the chipboard. I'm using mostly 'traditional/nostalgic' papers and patterns (BG Boxer and K&Co), since I'm a sucker for a good ole' fashioned red/green/silver/brown country Christmas. Not sure how that will work with my daily photos, but we shall see. I want to keep it fairly simple so that when the times comes to journal/place my photos, I'll be able to do it easily. I'll post some sneaks of it tomorrow since I have the day off, woo!

What scrappy projects have you been working on?

Happy Tuesday all!



Anonymous said...

Hope you will enjoy your day off! I love you posting some scrappy things again, and getting to know you some more by reading the journaling. Some gorgeous mini pieces of art here Genevieve!

Stephie C said...

Aww love those little mini pages! I am not working on anything yet...I do however have the hubby painting all my cubbies that will soon be part of the craft cave I am hoping to create in a section of the basement! YAY