Friday, November 20, 2009

This is the reason...

I haven't been around all week...we started watching Dexter last weekend and we're now totally hooked on it. We finished Season 1 and are 4 episodes into Season 2, I imagine we'll be done quite soon and will move on to Season 3 and 4. It's a great show!! It's holding us over now that Mad Men is done (sniff!), and Breaking Bad/LOST haven't started yet. We haven't had a good series to watch since we first got into Mad Men, so it's nice to have a new obsession, even if it's about a serial killer :)

(Oh and PS-I totally love Dexter's clothes, especially his casual thermal/slim/looks-like-he's-going-camping tight shirts with baggier low waisted cargo pants. It's how I love to see Dan dress too, their body types are similar. Just thought I'd mention that, ha!)

I've also been a bit MIA because for the past 3 days or so Dan has been feeling pretty sick, he took 2 days off work (very unlike him), and has just been lazing around mostly. It might be H1N1 since a guy at his work (and his daughter) had it last week, but it's nothing serious so far so hopefully he'll soon recover. But that has meant early nights in bed for us and very little getting done except for watching TV and a bit of Internet surfing. He's gone in to work today though and we're supposed to do groceries tonight, so I'm hoping things will be back to normal soon.

This weekend I need to get working on some Christmas gifts for far away friends and family, since in order for them to receive their gifts by the 25th, I have to ship them off in about 2 weeks! Today it's 5 WEEKS 'TIL CHRISTMAS, oh my word!! So much to do. I'm going to a co-worker's house this weekend for some crafti-ness (and eating), so I hope to get at least 2 gifts done then, and I may do a bit of shopping this weekend as well, though I'm trying to keep the purchasing to a minimum this year, what with little bébé soon on his way...

(Another side note: I've gone through over 250 pages of baby names this week from a book I bought 2nd hand on Monday and I still haven't found anything that I'm in love with...this baby is going to be known as "bébé" forever I think! Did anyone else have this much trouble naming their child?!)

Ok, enough rambling, I really hope to be back this weekend to share my felt wreath (like I promised), a new belly shot, and if I'm lucky my December Daily (which is mostly done, I just need the numbers to arrive in the mail!)

Happy Friday and weekend everyone!

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