Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chilly? Need some warmth?

In anticipation of the Christmas season, Heather and I are listing everything in our shop at 25% off! So if you're looking for some cute knits or a great Christmas gift, be sure to check out our shop!

(That green scarf is my personal fav, I may have tried it on a few times and swooned over its loveliness...)

Today it's rainy and grey, but I'm heading to Michael's (again) to get some more Christmas gift supplies, then hopefully this afternoon I'll pull out my sewing machine to attempt a few projects, I really need to learn to not be afraid of it, but I'm such a newbie when it comes to sewing that if my mom isn't around for support, I get kind of freaked out. And don't even get me started on stitching by hand!

Tonight Dan and I are going to see Billy Bragg. I can't say that I'm the hugest fan but it's always fun to have a night out with the husband, so I'm sure I'll enjoy myself.

I'm also almost done by December Daily, I'm just waiting for the Vintage number tags to show up in the mail so that I can add them, along with a few other embellies that I might purchase today, but the bones are done and I'm very happy and excited to start filling it starting in 2 weeks (seriously, where is November going?!)

I'll be back tomorrow to post my felted sweater wreath that I mentioned last time, I just need to add a bow and it'll be ready for presenting :)

What's on your plate this lovely Sunday?

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, the green scarf is my favourite too! Lovely colour, and it looks so cosy... makes me wanna go search for my knitting needles (or how do you call them in English?)