Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blankets on my mind...

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It's downright chilly here today, so I've been thinking a lot about my next sewing project, a blanket (I call them blankets because I don't actually do the quilting part, though I might try this time...) Anyway, I made this pink one last year using Anna Maria Horner fabric and I LOVE it, so I want to do something similar for Victor (the idea back then was that I would made a pink one and blue one for my eventual kids' bedrooms, thinking I'd have one of each...I should have made the blue one first, wishful thinking I guess!) This time though I'd like to make it a bit more challenging (this will be my 3rd patchwork blanket, since I also made this small one for my friend Sara last year), so I'd like to do a triangle/diamond pattern, and also maybe quilt the blanket and do a nice binding. So I've been searching Etsy for pretty fabrics and ooooh, it's so hard to decide!  I'm not sure if I want to go with more Anna Maria Horner (can't go wrong with her gorgeous patterns), or whether I want to go more modern, or...

Here are some of the pretties I'm looking at right now (all fabrics from The Fabric Worm.)

(These are kind of creepy looking, but I like them anyway...I think it's the Halloween spirit creeping up on me!)

(Love the modern designs in this bundle!)

(Sigh, so pretty, and I think it would be fine for a boy's blanket, right?)

(Just love...the colours, the fabrics, it's the perfect mix)

(AWESOME colour combo, I can totally see doing Victor's little boy room in orange and grey someday!)

And here's a gorgeous quilt I found on Flickr, this is what I mean by the 'triangle look', I don't want to make an actual pattern with the fabrics, I still want a scattered, patchwork-ey feel to it.

If it's a boy quilt - front

I'm really excited to get started on this project.  I'd also like to attempt a Lincoln log quilt and a scraps block quilt someday. There's something about the practical nature of making blankets that I it's within my sewing skill level at the moment :)

Have you made any blankets/quilts that you are proud of? Please link me up, I'd love to see!

Be back soon,

PS-I'm also trying to finish up my knitted blanket for Victor, but like all things I'm starting a new project before finishing an old...


Stephie C said...

I am swooning over here! I cannot pick a fave bundle as ALL of those would make some lush blankets! Then I am sighing over the fact I so wish I could sew!!!! That pink blanket you did is awesomeeeeee! I cannot wait to see what u create for Victor! Love love love all those u are eyeing so far! And that triangle pattern is so cool!

Lisa said...

ohhh i love the orange and grey combo!! can't wait to see what you come up with :)