Friday, September 24, 2010

Slow down September (aka photo dump)

Is it honestly and truly September 24th already?!  This makes me more than just a little sad.  Fall is always so fleeting around here, the last thing I need is for it to rush by.  I feel like I haven't truly starting enjoying the season as much as I should be, and I really have no excuse, I'm home all day! I should be outside more at the very least (I do go for a walk everyday at 3pm but just around the block to break the monotony of being in the house.)  Anyway, there are only about 8 weeks left of Fall and I plan on savouring them.

[ARGH!! I just wrote out the rest of this post, didn't notice that it wasn't autosaving AGAIN and lost everything I had just spent the last hour writing.  OMG I hate Blogger sometimes!!!  And myself for not writing out my posts in Word first and then transferring them over, bah.  So instead of re-writing everything-I just don't the time or energy-I'll just post a bunch random pics with 1-liners.  Sooo frustrating.  Typepad in 2011?] 

I'm doing sessions again after nearly a month off. This is from a maternity session I did on Monday.  Love maternity sessions!

Been taking silly self portraits again.  Wanted to show off my new haircut but it's hard to get a good shot of it.  You can see my bangs though!  Love them so far!

My JoTotes camera bag.  Perfect size for my Canon and a few cloth diapers :)

Fall goodness. I can't wait to go apple picking, make apple sauce and pies, and all the other yummy Fall comfort foods that come with the season.

My mantle, all decorated.  Loving the red/orange/black/white combo. And white mini pumpkins are the best.

I've decided that for Halloween this year I want us to dress as characters from Little Red Riding Hood. I'll be miss Hood (obviously), Victor will be the Big Bad Wolf and Fan will be the Handsome Woodsman who saves the day at the end.  I want to make our costumes, so I'm on the lookout for what I need (black hoodies for babies? Not that easy to find...) Side note: Even though I've been thinking about Halloween, I'm actually much more anxious for Christmas this year, which is sooo odd.

I've been wanting wall decals for the living room for awhile now, and the other day while out with my sister at the Dollarama I saw these for 2$! Which is perfect, since we're renting and I didn't want to spend a ton of money anyway.  Are they still design-cool?  I dunno, but I like 'em :)

Photo of my friend Sara's little guy, Eli. He's getting so big, you can really see it in this photo, our babies are getting older!

And speaking of babies, I couldn't really post without some photos of little V. himself. Here are a few peeks of the main man himself:

We're doing well in our solid food adventures.  I won't get into the details too much since I still need to write out his 6-7 month post (since I skipped 6, oops!), but he's tried a lot, responds well to it, and we're moving ahead.

Those eyes, they're almost black sometimes.  He's a looker for sure!

I'm obsessed with black and white photos of Dan and Victor lately.  I have so many good ones, I think that maybe after Victor's first year is up I'll blow up a series of B&W shots of them for a wall display in our bedroom or something. Lovely.

This little guy is on the move! Last week he started commando crawling and now he's all over the place! Which is good because he can entertain himself much better now, but bad because my floors and carpets really need to be cleaned!

I attempted an impromptu family shoot last weekend in our backyard. Let's just say that a tired hubby + a shaky tripod + a wiggly baby did not equal very many good shots, but we got a few, which is all I can ask for. I would love to have professional family shots done at some point, while it's still just the three of us.

Ok, well that was a very abridged version of my original post, but these snippets show what's been going on around here in the past month.  I'll try to be back soon, I have a layout that's thiiis close to being done, and since it will most likely be my last scrap layout for awhile, I will give it proper exposure.

Until then!


Aimee said...

Love your pictures! What kind of camera and lens are you using?

Stephie C said...

Victor is def a stunner! Love the family shot!!! And love your wall decals! I don't care what is in style and not what ya like is what ya like ;)