Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I needed this...

Saw this over on Rookie Moms today and it made me smile.  I need some breastfeeding encouragement at the moment, when Victor is refusing to nurse from me and I'm being forced to pump (something I HATE doing and have a hard time doing), and when the idea of stopping altogether becomes more and more appealing*.

Off to run some errands, have a great 1st day of school to all the kiddos and parents out there!

Be back soon,

*I don't plan on actually stopping breastfeeding, but I have decided to supplement a bit with formula; I really worry that the nipple shield is limiting the amount of milk he's getting, and he doesn't seem to be gaining a lot of weight, so I bought some formula yesterday and gave it to him, since he's on a 'strike' at the moment.  I only plan on giving it to him when I need to be away from him and can't pump enough (like our anniversary in a couple of weekends), and maybe one additional feeding a day so that he can 'beef up' a bit.  I will still feed him as much as he lets me, it's still WAY more convenient than the whole bottle thing, and there's no way we could afford to switch over completely at this point, it's freakin' expensive!  So yeah, I gave my baby formula...there, cleared my conscience a bit, lol.


Selena said...

Lots of baby go through periods of refusing to nurse/eat especially when the teeth came in. He'll be back at it, it won't last long. They will eat when they are hungry. You are entering the stage of I am not going to eat for a while if he is like two of his cousins. Than out of no where he'll eat none stop and you'll get sore that way too. haha. oh the fun of being a parent. You are half way there if you are going to nurse for a yr and the feeding go down the more solids he starts eating too. Actually nursing is much easier the longer you go, b/c it becomes not so demanding. You can do it.

Selena said...

Oh I had to laugh at the beef up part. Part b/c if he's not hungry and takes formula(nothing wrong with that) he most likely will just cut another meal or snack out. I have a few mom friends down here where the were told to give them forumla to help increase weight and in the end it just made them eat less and did nothing for weight(took 2 yrs to figure out they are just small as well they switch drs and guess what their kids are fine). If he is small it's just him, I wouldn't worry about it. If he is happy and growing and not losing weight then he is fine.