Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Way way back in the 1980s...

Did anyone else watch this show?  It was on MTV in 2002 and only ran for one season.  Dan introduced it to me way back when we first started dating (in 2003), and ever since then I have watched the entire season about once a year.  It's just so foolish and funny, and even though I know the episodes all by heart now they still make me smile. 

Favourite lines lately:
Mr. Scudworth (the principal): Did you see the pool? They FLIPPED da bitch!
Ghandi: Say whaaaaat?! (I don't know how many times Dan and I used to say that when we first saw it...)

The theme song also always get stuck in my head for days after watching it!

Do you have any shows that you watch over and over again?  I'm like this with sooo many things, repetition (and tradition) in a way is a huge thing with me, I watch the same movies and shows over and over, read the same books over and over, if I like something I don't seem to tire of it.

Be back later with something less random, ha!

PS-I just noticed that I have 365 posts on this blog (this will be 366).  That is one full year's worth of posts.  Considering I have been blogging since December 2006 (I believe), that means I have blogged approximately 1/4 of my days since then.  It's been well worth it.


Anna said...

I like Clone High too! and I do watch/read things over and over, but, I think to a lesser extent than you :D

Stephie C said...

LOL nope haven't seen that but I was living overseas then as well...we have ltos of shows we watch over and over the newest ones being Gavin and Stacey and The INbetweeners (both English shows)

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