Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Worst September 1st EVER.

(Photo of Victor and I in Vernon, British Columbia this past Sunday-where it was MUCH cooler.)

Oh my. What a terrible way to start my very favourite time of year.  The East Coast (and the Maritimes in particular) are going through a terrible heat wave this week, which is bad enough on its own, but the fact that it's September 1st (and in my mind the beginning of my beloved Fall), makes the heat all the more unbearable and unwelcome.  We're at my parents' house right now, hiding out in their dark, air conditioned rooms, waiting out the suffocating heat and humidity (it's +39C with humidity today).  Our apartment is an oven, we can't sleep at night, Victor is in a terrible mood from the heat, and so am I...ugh, just not a good way to start a new season. 

Luckily (?), there's a hurricane coming on Saturday and things are supposed to cool down after it passes, so I'm hoping that the rest of this week just flies by.

So until the mercury goes down about 10-15 degrees, I shall save my yearly love-ode-to-autumn post.  We're still getting back on track after our trip out West last week (will blog about it soon!), I've got a big to-do list piling up in my head, a messy house, projects waiting to be started, and some sweaters waiting to be unpacked.

Let it begin.

Goodbye Summer, thanks for stopping I mean it, get out.

Be back soon,

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