Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos, you inspire me so.

Flickr Favs-September

I have ignored my Flickr for months and months now (since Victor was born, actually). I kind of want to just delete everything and start over, but I don't know where to begin.  It's like this messy junk drawer I have online that I'd like to clean out but instead just ignore.  Sigh.  Anyway, I was looking through Explore tonight and found all these lovelies. It made me feel better and reminded me why I love Flickr in the first place. 

The unlimited inspiration and beauty. 

I'm starting to pick up some shoots for this month and next, so I'm soaking up as much inspo as I can.  Whenever I look at pictures like these I just want to grab my camera and drive out to some wooded area and take self portraits and photos of my friends (in dramatic poses) all day long. Lately though, I don't take enough good (aka effort-full) photos of myself and my life; I feel like I just do the 'snapshot' thing when it comes to my own child and my own husband and my own self, it's a habit I really need to change (and really, at this point, I shouldn't have a 'snapshot' mode, all my photos should be as 'good' as the ones I do for others...)  Anyway, I miss doing photography for myself sometimes, my silly self portraits or concept shoots with friends (Heather!!)  I should make the time to do this for myself.

Tomorrow Dan and I are going out for our anniversary (which was yesterday); we're going to dinner and a movie, and then heading to my parents' camp for the night...without the baby.  He will be staying with Grand mama and Grand papa (aka my parents). It will be our first night away together since he was born, we're quite excited (though I'm sure we'll  miss him at the same time).  I'm thinking though that I'm going to bring my tripod and drag Dan out for some photos of the two of us, we haven't taken any in such a long time!  I will make the effort, and enjoy the results.

Hope you all have a great weekend, be back Sunday!


Lisa said...

-gorgeous mosaic
-i feel the same way about my's a jumbled mess that i only update in spurts and i feel like my photos are never up to par with the "good" ones out there!
-how exciting to have a date night! can't wait to hear about it :)
-and post those pictures! my hubby sees the camera and rolls his're lucky yours complies! lol

Selena said...

Have a great weekend away! It's been 3.5 yrs since Tom and I have been over night with out kids!!!

danilouwho said...

These are such lovely images.

I hope you all had a gorgeous anniversary - love that we're anniversary buddies! :)