Monday, April 25, 2011


As I mentioned before, a couple of weeks ago I joined Pinterest (who knows why, I guess because I felt bad for not jumping on the Tumblr train), and I've become hopelessly addicted. I'm on there at least once a day, and even though I usually find these types of sites and posts annoying or 'fluff', for some reason I don't find this so bad (I'm noticing though that I pin stuff without hardly looking at it, I think that I should maybe take a day at the end of the week to actually LOOK at all the pins I've found, and follow any links when necessary.  Uh oh, already this thing is making me neurotic, ack!)

Anyway, just to spread the prettiness a little further, here are 10 random 'pins' that I really enjoy. They range in everything from photography to crafts to decor to hot guys and cute puppies...

I very much want a tattoo, and the more I think about it, the larger I want it to be.  We'll see how it goes when I actually get in the chair...these birds are beautiful though.

I about died when I saw this photo.  Such hotness from two amazing men (though I always had a preference for Jack...)

As soon as I come up with the perfect lyric or quote, I'm doing this.

Dream hair colour, though I know it wouldn't go very well with my skin colour/eyes/face. Sigh, maybe I'll get to be a redhead someday.


Since I'll be decorating another nursery soon, these types of images are jumping out at me. Love how this would work for a boy or girl (or a shared room).

This looks like an interesting book, might see if I can pick it up once we get ourselves settled into our own backyard :)

I want a sink like this, I want a sink like this, I want a sink like this. (And the gray and white combo is pretty fabulous too...)

I've been thinking a lot about having family photos done, soon after the baby is born and perhaps a maternity session this summer as well. What I wouldn't give for a photo like this of the 3 (4) of us.

I plan on doing something very similar once we get our house, I want to do a grid like this of square photos with 'fake' frames (love the TTV, even though it's getting a bit trendy/dated). Can't wait!

There you have it, hope you enjoyed what I consider to be 'eye candy'. How about you, would these images go on your 'boards'?

Until next time,


Stephie C said...

Oh gosh I may just have to check that site out....I am loving these images...ok you can have that sink if I can have those amazing cupboards! Are those little locks on each one? How neat! I too long to be a redhead but just cannot pull it off...I am destined to be a blonde for life...sigh

Stephie C said...

Ok I looked around a bit and I need to join that site LOL...can you invite me or do I have to wait for their invite? If you can invite me.... pear_fairy at yahoo dot com :)

Oh and love that nursery and that lyric board and that tatoo is great! Someday I may get more but I just don't like any of the artists around here haha

Sarah said...

I love the pictures, that's a great I idea for decorating the living room. I really have no clue about art I prefer things that have some sentimental meaning (gifts and pictures of family). Wonder if I could convince my family to do a group photoshoot with you...hmmm Joel is visiting this summer I think it would be fun and kind of crazy (up for a family shoot in the back woods?)