Monday, April 11, 2011

Maternity Series |15 Weeks|

Yay, I actually got a week done on the actual week! :)  I almost didn't though, because the day of the shoot it was quite chilly and windy, and I knew that I wanted to wear this little green dress/shirt, so I almost bailed.  Luckily I braved it, ended up with plenty of fun shots, and am quite happy with the results :)  Originally I was going to wear tights with it instead of jeans, but decided against is April in Canada, after all, we're not talking about balmy (or even coatless) weather by any means!  I also decided to start wearing all the various heels I've collected over the years but never ever wear (I mean, it's just a few minutes for a photoshoot, my feet can handle it.) I paired this pair of peep toes with white socks, how trendy of me (*snort*)

I've defintely 'popped' a bit more this week, I can feel the bump coming up around my belly button and getting harder, versus the usual flub (though it's still there too, ha!)  Only a couple more weeks though and then I'll feel less like a fat girl and more like a preggo one :)

I took these photos out behind the Catholic church in our town, and only after finishing editing and collaging did I realize that one of the collages may be interpreted as 'anti-religious'...not the case at all! I was just snapping photos of what was nearby and did not mean to send any sort of political or religious message (in fact I love the Catholics!)

Until next week!

(Week 14 is coming, but I'll be honest...I missed that week, so I'm going to try and do a 'catch up' shoot this week, 2 weeks later...I'll wear a loose top) :)

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Selena said...

You look really cute! Can't tell from the pictures that you haven't been feeling well!