Monday, April 18, 2011

Maternity Series |14 Weeks|

Here we are, my catch-up week (will be in order from now on, I promise!)  Not much to say, took these indoors and used a prop, something I want to do in future weeks as well.

Hopefully I can get out this week and take my 16 and 17 Week shots, if only the weather would cooperate!

And the slideshow:

Until next time!

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Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on blog-reading after busy and stressful times... and there sure was some catching up on your blog, and BIG news!!! Wowzah, another bébé.... I can imagine your feelings when you found out. (Don't ever feel guilty about your own feelings! But you know that already, don't you?!!) I wish you sunny and healthy days!